READ! I proposed an Airsoft group so maybe they'll leave!

READ! I proposed an Airsoft group so maybe they'll leave!

Post by MWSmit » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00

>>Whoa... wait a minute.....

>>Nobody from Austin has ever been allowed to diss the Sierra Club
>>Did you move to Round Rock and not tell us, John?


>The kooks get the PR, but Austin actually
>has quite a large segment that do not
>follow the Twinkies.  What surprised me the most about Austin is how racist it
>The Tree Huggers do love the Hispanics and long as they are doing
>floors are watching their kids.


That's sad.
I wonder when we (as a race {human}) will realize that all of us are
some shade of brown and that we all sit down to "take a dump".

Oh well.... I'll do what I can.

Mike Smith


READ! I proposed an Airsoft group so maybe they'll leave!

Post by David Dollarhid » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00




READ! I proposed an Airsoft group so maybe they'll leave!

Post by Curt Halbro » Sun, 02 Apr 2000 04:00:00>:

>Hey eveyone-

>I proposed an AIrsoft NG so the AIrsoft people can't use the Line "We
>post here cuz we have no were else......" I should know in a week or so
>if they approve. This is what it said.....

>I propose the newsgroup of

>For your newsgroups file:
>    - Info related to the sport of Airsoft


>A low-volume unmoderated newsgroup for announcements related Airsoft
>stage props and recreation projectiles (NOT FIREARMS). Possible topics
>include which Airsoft "gun" to buy, play dates, tactics, discussion, and
>the like.  Target volume is about 20 messages daily. Binary postings and
>off-topic postings are not permitted. Adverti***ts are allowed, as
>long as they are forewarned, i.e., Ad, F/S, F/T, ect.


>This newsgroup is intended to prevent Airsoft people from posting in the
>loosely related newsgroups of and
> Recently, there has been an overflow of Airsoft
>people in the paintball newsgroups, resulting in the angering of
>paintballers, since they do not wish the 2 sports to be related closely.
>This new newsgroups would stop many of the "flamewars" about Airsoft in
>paintball groups, and provide a meeting place for new and current
>Airsoft players.

>Thank you for your consideration,
>Josh Barta
>Josh Barta
>Now a Lvl. 7 Tourney *Automag* on GovnAir Nitro! (money is only paper =P
>!) Pleez xcuse my mis-spellings & Opiniated views. Send Flames directly2

Did you send a NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) message adding the
new newsgroup?  Many times that is all you have to do.  Most ISP's that
have a newsfeed automatically accept newsgroup creation, since it is a
hasstle to accept them manually.

You will have to dust off the RFC on NNTP to see the exact way to do it.

As far as discussion topics go, it would be so much easier to talk about
Airsoft in an Airsoft group, and paintball here.  Nothing saying you
can't subscribe to both.  Hey, you can even cross-post if it is relevant
to both of us.

Do I think that Airsoft belongs in RSP?  No, not generally.  However,
some people would rather stay to argue that they should be here.  All I
can say is whatever.  Stay if you want.  Leave it to another intrepid
sole to forge a new domain, while you stay here and snivle.  Instead of
building your own treehouse, you just go ahead and stand under ours and
complain.  Feeh.

Curt Halbrook