KAPP Autococker F/T

KAPP Autococker F/T

Post by Bob Win » Tue, 16 Oct 2001 10:42:49

Kapp Autococker not sure on the year but the serial number is: 71952

-KAPP Blue-Black Marbled Body
-KAPP Blue Twisted***ing Rod
-STO Three Way
-STO Ram
-Jackhammer reg
-WGP ergo reg
-KAPP 15 degree ASA matched with the Blue-Black Marble ano
-Sweet trigger job
-Hammer and sear polished to mirror finish
-ACI Zero Gravity 12 inch barrel
-CP Blue Flame drop forward
-Steel braided hose
-0-700 psi gauge
-Razor back rear***ing block, matched blue-black marble
-Gray/Black Shocktech Supa-Fly Bolt
-Blue trigger shoe

This gun is beautiful and nothing is wrong with it. It's almost impossible
to short stroke it and its very quick. I've only chopped one ball since I've
had it, and thats because I had the Jackhammer adjusted wrong. This gun is
in flawless shape and has been WELL taken care of. I oil it after every use,
and clean it well. I don't fiddle with the pneumatics, I let my local pro
shop mess with that. It's only needed to be timed once, and it's still in
time now.

you got, and I'll let you know if you want it. I'm really looking for a
2000-2001 angel but I'll consider other trades. You might be suprised so
tell me what you got and I'll tell you if I'm interested, dont be shy!

Thanks in advance.

go to www.geocities.com/fugitivepaintball/index.html for the pictures!

Bob Wing
Co-Captain Team Fugitive