Questions, Questions, Questions

Questions, Questions, Questions

Post by Neil Reil » Sun, 05 Mar 1995 03:31:30


>I was curious if anyone has experience with the Spyder.  Is it a reliable
>gun?  What is the firing rate?  How much does it weigh?  How much

>Any other interesting tidbits of info would be appreciated.
>Come to think of it...The same applies for the Mirage.  E-mail me your
>responses, that way we don't clutter up the news group with stuff that
>people don't care about.

 Hey!  I care about it!  I have been considering both of the above guns
in my "I've got spring fever and want to buy a gun" syndrome.  If anybody
who replies to the above could please mail me with the info as well, I
would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks...

Neil Reilly                 750 Nighthawk 'S'  "Beast"