INCREDIBLE DEAL: I'll trade 2 Tourney Level Markers for 1 Tourney Level Marker

INCREDIBLE DEAL: I'll trade 2 Tourney Level Markers for 1 Tourney Level Marker

Post by WGPRUL » Sat, 05 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have 2 very nice markers that I'd like to trade for 1 marker. Listed
below are the specs on my markers and what I'd like to trade for.

Autococker w/
1) Lite Rock Regulator with stainless adjusting knob
2) Mini Stainless Clippard Ram
3) Polished 3 way
4) 45 Frame with lightened and shortened trigger
5) Pachmyer Slip On's for the 45 frame
6) Chromed Beavertail
7) Ball Detent (Cooper T , ball bearing style)
8) Stainless Pump Arm
9) Stainless***ing Rod
10) Stainless Threaded actuator and coupler
11) On Target Products Stainless Hammer set (Nelson Internals)
12) Externally adjustable sear lug
13) Shark Gilled shroud
14) Cut Block (PTP cut block and Custom milled block)
15) ANS Venturi Bolt
16) Smart Parts Venturi bolt
17) Air America Uni Reg to bottom line with stainless disconnect
18) Tourney Cap for Uni Reg
19) 20 oz anti siphon tank
20) Stainless pushpin
21) 11" Smart Parts All American barrel (Camo Splash)
22) 9" Bud Orr aluminum barrel
23) Parts kit

Micromag 2 w/
1) Air America Expansion Chamber (Thumper to bottom line)
2) Two 45 frames: a) Pro Line 45 frame modified with 2 finger trigger b)
Stock 45 frame that the Micromags come with.
3) Smart Parts wooden grips for the 45 frame (Black)
4) AGD Foamiless Bolt
5) AGD Foamie Bolt
6) PTP Accurizer Venturi bolt
7) J&J Stainless Venturi bolt
8) "NEW" Ultra Dot red dot sight with rings
9) 20 oz anti siphon tank
10) Old Style VL2000 hopper
11) Unique Sporting 8 pack with adstable bottle pouch (Bushlan pattern, no
tubes included)
12) 14" Perfect Bore Ceramic barrel (Black, made in the U.K.)
13) 11" Smart Parts All American barrel (Green)
14) 9" Gun F/X aluminum barrel
15) Parts kit

Both markers are in EXCELLENT cosmetic and performance condition. I'd like
to trade both of the above markers for either a Custom Autococker or
Custom Automag with Air America On gun Nitrogen system. Please e mail me
with offers and if your marker is "SWEET" then I'll kick up my end of the
deal with more quality equipment.

****NOTE: Neither package will be broken up to sell parts


IF you have either a custom***er or Custom Automag without Nitrogen and
would be interested in either package mail me with the specs on your
marker and I'll make you an offer. Please be as specific as to the
specifications on your marker. (IE: Accessories/Mods on your marker)