FS " 3" Splashed Micro Mags & " 1 " Z-Body Mag

FS " 3" Splashed Micro Mags & " 1 " Z-Body Mag

Post by Paintball0 » Thu, 12 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Prices are listed to the left, plus shipping.

$365 Micro Mag, green splash. ($200 anodized job/PK)
includes a green 8" armson barrel.

$425 Micro Mag. purple & black, w/ matching Armson barrel & expansion chamber.

$395 Micro Mag, blue & black (blue looks a little purple)w/ matching Armson

$475 Z-body Mag, with new "unused" double trigger 45 frame, new "unused" fore
grip, new "unused" chromed extender, & new "unused" Z-Body. Also included AGD
value and an after market barrel. All you need now is some paint and your ready
to do some serious sniping.

This is the gun that puts the back spin on the paintball. A great gun for
someone who wants to long ball it fast and hard. They'll never get close to