Geoffrey "Toys-r-us" Hoffman

Geoffrey "Toys-r-us" Hoffman

Post by Martin M. Crot » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 09:09:05

If you know Chuck Ruch so well, Joff, you should know that he rowed THREE
seat in the Junior National Eight.  SEVEN seat was filled by,  a
Buffalonian, from, Canisius H.S.  I just wanted to clear all of
this up but it really doesn't matter.  Seventh place isn't very good no
matter what the seating arrangement is, I am still ashamed of our
performance in Munich.  We should be worrying about more important
things, like who should have actually been IN  the boat, namely the man
from Milly-Waukay, Chris "retro" Ahrens.  Maybe with Ahrens in the eight
the US could have challenged third-world countries like the Ukraine.  

Coulda, shoulda, woulda, don't get me started.    

Talk to me Mulligan.


Geoffrey "Toys-r-us" Hoffman

Post by Geoffrey Hoffma » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 13:02:07

In article


>Coulda, shoulda, woulda, don't get me started.    

coulda shoulda woulda, right.  i know abouyt that.  if you remember me, i
tried out the year before, and i have met you. (i remember ahrens as
well)  I was one of the two exeter guys that came out late, and was the
last starboard cut from the team (mainly because i missed the first two
weeks rowing at henley with my high school)

that's in the past now, but part of me still feels that i should have
been in there some where.

for more about me, i now sit behind big bad bob cummins at cornell.

I stand corrected on the lineup for the us jr 8.  I thought i had heard
that my boy chuck was at 7 seat.  sorry for the error.

geoff hoffman