Concept II/Rowing Technique

Concept II/Rowing Technique

Post by Curt Simki » Fri, 30 Apr 1993 03:55:59

   I originally posted my request for information to
   and was directed this way.......

   I would like to use a Concept II Rowing machine as a form of
   cross training until bike racing season is over and will be
   using it quite a bit during the off season.

   I would appreciate any adive as to the proper technique that
   is needed and any tips on the types of workouts I could do.
   Also, any base for a comparison so I would know how well I
   am doing would be useful.  I'm 5,11", 162 lbs and 43 years old.
   I am a X-Triathlete (5x Ironman) turned bike racer.

   Thanks ahead for any help,