Natchitoches' "backyard"

Natchitoches' "backyard"

Post by Elana Coop » Fri, 03 Dec 1993 23:25:51

I just wanted to say that Natchitoches is the BEST place to row at!
Washington U in St. Louis (my alma mater) crew goes down there for
winter break - I had the pleasure of rowing there for a couple of
"vacations".  The "Steel Magnolias" location site is really nice.

The ultimate challenge on this 35 mile long river is getting an
8 through a ridiculously narrow bridge.  You've gotta pull in
your oars and lie down in the boat if you have any chance of getting
though.  Too bad we had lame coxswains sometimes......(steer?  what's

Wash U Crew loves NSU!

(miss those NSU basketball games)