July 7 Philadelphia Inquirer: Time is the crucial thing in Schuylkill Navy regatta (with partial results)

July 7 Philadelphia Inquirer: Time is the crucial thing in Schuylkill Navy regatta (with partial results)

Post by Greg Doy » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

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Article from Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer on Independence Day Regatta,
contains only partial results:


Greg Doyle
Philadelphia, Pa.

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Time is the crucial thing in Schuylkill Navy regatta <br>



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By Mayer Brandschain<br>
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 It was worthwhile for a rower, male or female, to win one of the 87 races in the opening of the two-day Independence Day Regatta that ruffled the Schuylkill's waters yesterday.<p>

 Ed Lucas, commodore of the Schuylkill Navy (comprising the Boathouse Row clubs), presented each victorious oarsman and oarswoman with a watch. Lucas figured the Schuylkill Navy handout was 340 watches, the same number to be bestowed during today's finale. In a victorious eight, each rower plus the coxswain get a watch.<p>

 There were several eight-oared races on the lengthy program. Undine Barge Club won one in an exciting finish on the 2,000-meter course.<p>

 At the same distance, Cincinnati's Junior Development Camp was the best in the women's junior eight. The Palm Beach Rowing Club came all the way from Florida and took back watches by winning the men's masters eight at 1,000 meters.<p>

 The honors in the women's masters eight on the calm waters went to a composite crew. The Vesper Boat Club edged the Potomac Boat Club in a dramatic finish to the women's intermediate eight. For the second successive year, Lucas presented the Betty Shepardson Memorial Award for outstanding rowing in masters mixed doubles to the Pamlico rowers from North Carolina.<p>

 Today's events will be held from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.<br>

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<font size=+2>R</font><b><u>esults</u></b><br>
<b>Men's senior singles: </b>1, Camp Rendell. 2, Undine. 3, Camp Landen. No time.<p>

<b>Men's junior singles: </b>1, Undine. 2, Bachelors. 3, Upper Merion. 8:23.<p>

<b>Men's junior doubles: </b>1, Lower Merion. 2, Crescent. 3, Undine. 7:27.<p>

<b>Women's junior doubles: </b>1, Commity. 2, Phila. Girls Rowing Club. 8:32.<p>

<b>Men's pair without coxswain: </b>1, Penn AC. 2, Penn AC B. 3, Palm Beach. 7:18.21.<p>

<b>Women's intermediate eight: </b>1, Vesper. 2, Potomac. 3, Carnegie Lake. 7:01.14.<p>

<b>Women's lightweight four: </b>1, Wyandotte. 2, New York AC. 3, Potomac. 7:29.0.<p>

<b>Men's lightweight intermediate four: </b>1, NYAC. 2, St. Catherines (Canada). 3, Penn AC. 6:43.<p>

<b>Men's junior eight: </b>1, Cincinnati. 2, Cincinnati B. 3, Cincinnati C. 6:11.<p>

<b>Men's</b> <b>intermediate quad: </b>1, Camp Rendell. 2, Undine. 3, Undine B. 6:31.6.<p>

<b>Women's masters eight: </b>1, Penn AC composite. 2, Capital RC. 3, Potomac. 3:28.6.<p>

<b>Men's masters eight: </b>1, Palm Beach. 2, Occaquan. 3, Fairmount. 2:51.16.<p>

<b>Men's lightweight intermediate quad: </b>1, Undine. 2, Malta. 3, NYAC. 6:25.01.<p>

<b>Men's</b> <b>lightweight intermediate eight: </b>1, NYAC. 2, Penn AC. 3, NYAC.6:06.04. <p>

<b>Women's junior eight: </b>1, Cincinnati. 2, Thompson. 3, Cincinnati. 7:04.<p>

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