Tideway Fours Head report

Tideway Fours Head report

Post by Rachel Quarre » Mon, 14 Nov 1994 03:27:59

Not my favourite Fours Head ever, due solely to damp state of my kit after
about 20 minutes on the water, and to the axe-wielding maniac who decided
to break my car window and nick ONE SPANNER while I was waiting in the ARA
for the organisers to double-check the results.  Charming fiend, he
actually got one adjustable, one rigger-jigger and a few odds and ends of
tape, but kindly ignored my wallet, cash, cox-box, videos, tapes,
car-radio etc.  The uncomfortable bit was driving back to Oxford with the
rain sleeting in at the window.  

Despite that, it was a decent Head.  Flat water until Hammersmith, when
everyone hit a wall of headwind, so the heavier crews have done better.
The organisers had managed to omit some big clubs who didn't get their
entries in on time:  please note for another year that the
over-subscription means they close after the first 500 entries arrive
(WITH money), which this year was 5 days before the last date for
entries.  In addition to that, they also added a rule that you couldn't be
rowing downstream (ie warmup) under Chiswick and Barnes bridges from 5
mins before racing, unless it was your turn, which caught out the TSS
women's quad which otherwise would have won, and the Aberdeen first four
containing two of the Scottish Commonwealth eight - DSQ without return.  

Anyway, I'm about to try and post the full results in a) time, b) division
and c) alphabetical order, so I won't bang on at length.  Some points of

Leander won 4 divisions, including the title with their open quad
(McLennan, Manners, Cracknell and ?Pooley), open 4- and open 4+ (the last
with Mattie P and Steve R stern pair, beating the fastest Goldie (CUBC)
coxed four by only two seconds).  TSS with Haining stroking and
Hall-Craggs at 2 dropped to 9th from the headship.  Osiris, aka OUWBC, won
WN+ but CUWBC W3+, IC the S1- and S1+, Ox. Brookes the S2-, S2+ and S3+,
and Trinity Hall N+.  Thames won the women's O4- but UTRC with Ali Hall on
board the WQx, Tradesmen WO+, Kingston W2+, UTRC vets the old rheumatics
division with Dan Topolski steering at bow.  For once neither of the
Beefeater Boat Race squads will have anyone at the prize-giving party,
which is held in a brewery.  Shame.

And a fine time was had by all.  Now I'm off to find that *** who
smashed my car window.

on the warpath
thinking evil thoughts in Oxford.

"He could think in italics.  Such people need watching.  
 Preferably from a safe distance."