Head of the River Fours

Head of the River Fours

Post by christopher She » Sat, 13 Sep 2003 19:49:52

The entry form can now be completed for this year's race, (on 1 November,)
at www.hor4s.org.uk .

Please do read the rules and entry regulations before attempting to complete
the form.

You should not attempt to complete an entry form an ARA, SARA or WARA crew
unless you have registration numbers for the whole crew. The form will not
accept ARA registration numbers expiring before October 2003. We intend to
check the registration numbers expiring in October to ensure they have been
renewed before the race. Rowing with an expired number will disqualify the
whole crew.

We accept entries in order of receipt. We are oversubscribed every year.
Entries close Saturday 18 October 2003 or after 550 complete entries
accepted which ever is the earlier. In past years we have been fully
subscribed three or four days before the last date for entries. This year
entries are closing a week later than normal and we do not know the affect
this will have.

Christopher Francis Shea

Honorary Secretary

Head of the River Fours