*** WaterRower -- Special Editions! ***

*** WaterRower -- Special Editions! ***

Post by Rand Arde » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have recently visited the WaterRower web page and was finally able to see
a photo of the machine itself.  An enterprising rec.sport.rowing reader
(who shall remain nameless) and myself have come up with a couple of ideas
for "special edition" WaterRowers which might help the company to expand
its international market:

*** The WaterRower "Kitchen Edition" ***  A WaterRower (constructed with
your choice of fine woods,naturally) featuring a special accessory
blade/tub package.  The "Gentle Blade" setting allows the user to whip up
salad dressings, cake mixes or perhaps a batch of yummy chocolate-chip
cookies.  Guilt-free gluttony!  Crank up the setting to "Cut Me Now" and
you've got a full-scale industrial food processor/blender.  Whip up batches
of Daiquiris in no time!  Be the life of the party!

But wait, there's more...

*** The WaterRower "Laundry Edition" ***    Got some washing to do?  Just
throw in the clothes, some detergent and whammo -- environmentally friendly
washing.  "Get your clothes clean, get yourself lean".  Use the handy drain
plug to empty out the bin and spin dry your load.  Please let extra-dirty
loads soak in the WaterRower tub with diluted bleach for a few minutes to
get your whites their whitest.

*** The WaterRower "Jackson Pollack Edition"  Just add paint, remove the
top of the tub and row, row, row!

*** The WaterRower "*** Edition" ***  Uses the Kitchen Edition's "Cut Me
Now" blade setting along with the goldfish bowl accessory.  They get a
great ride -- once.  Imagine the controversial reports on "Hard Copy" and
"Inside Edition"!  There's no such thing as bad publicity!

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