Wanted LM 2- for summer '94 (Boston)

Wanted LM 2- for summer '94 (Boston)

Post by John Rober » Tue, 15 Mar 1994 21:40:07


Once the collegiate season is over, I am hoping to row a pair with a
friend here in Boston. Of course, we need a boat...

Please post or e-mail any information about available pairs for the
summer of 1994, with the following limitations:

Lightweight men's hull
Needed from June 1 through end of September
Racing hulls only
Within 6-8 hours of Boston (could be flexible on this one)
Fast name :-)
Reasonable rental fee

We are hoping to pin down a boat by the end of the month, so
do not wait too long to tell me about those unused Empachers, Filippis,
and Vespoli D-hulls which are just waiting to be rowed. (Yeah, right...)

Thank you,

John Roberts

Phone calls also welcome at 617-493-2560