Help Wanted: Jr. Men's Varsity Men's Coach

Help Wanted: Jr. Men's Varsity Men's Coach

Post by Monica Hilcu - IBM SB » Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Desperation has officially set in. Three weeks before racing
season begins and still no Coach!!!

Serra/Notre Dame HS Crew in Redwood City, California is looking for a
junior men's Varsity coach. We have an entire coaching staff, including
assistants, but no Varsity Men's coach. The men (two+ boats worth) are
heading into racing season and they are having to share coaches from
the other squads. If you know anyone that may be interested,
please pass this along.

One year coaching experience is preferred, along with 3-4 years
of organized rowing. There is a small stipend provided, but not
large enough to move out to California for. :-)

The team has a great parent's support group that does fund raising,
uniform ordering, boat repair and boathouse cleanup and whatever
else needs to be done to make the coaches' job easier.
Crew is a varsity sport at both schools and has the full support of
the principals and A.D.'s.

or (home) 415-369-7788 or (work) 415-506-3804.