Post by ENienab » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 09:36:26

Dear RSR-

Recently I was surprised to see a recent article(Bicycling Jan. 95)
praising the benefits of a low-carb/high protein diet.  I was especially
surprised to see that the the author suggesting to try  a no-carb diet for
two weeks to see the results. He states:

One way to find out is to try a 2-week diet that eliminates most breads,
pastas, sweets, fruit and fruit juices, potatoes, milk, and yogurt. Do
this with the help of your doctor. If you feel better after the 2-week
trial, suspect carbohydrate intolerance.

   Can this be correct? If I eliminated these items from my diet I would
have pracitcally nothing to eat(beyond vegetables)!  I can see the
importance of limiting or even eliminating your intake of dairy and
"sweets." but the rest has me a bit puzzled.
  His basic point throughout the article is to cut our reliance on
carbs(as a primary source for energy) and increasing our reliance what he
calls "vital proteins and fats."





Post by PatMcKe » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 10:10:54

Actually, I have found a diet of twigs, bark, and rusty tin cans has
helped me best.  It's very high in fiber and minerals and I can forage for
it around dumpsters and in the neighbor's yard ;)  I don't know where that
guy is coming from, but it's way out of line with what I know.  He did
mention *carbohydrate intolerance*; which may be some special condition.
The whole deal with getting away from carbohydrates comes down to the fact
that *if* you are spending the majority of your training time doing low
intensity aerobic conditioning, then you are primarily burning fat.  The
theory says that since you are primarily burning fat, you should increase
your intake of fat and decrease your intake of carbohydrates.