Rowing (FISA) gets US$3.2 million from Olympics

Rowing (FISA) gets US$3.2 million from Olympics

Post by Marilyn A. Shapi » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00

    The truth is the world of international sports is a very competitive  
place. Over the last 10-15 years track has done a marvelous job marketing  
itself as a "first class glamour" sport. The same is true for ice skating.
few years ago the Ice Capades was on it's last legs, now every ice skating

competition and show is sold out. What these sports have done, by  
marketing their stars, personalities and rivalries is guaranteed themselves

a place in the international competitive sports world.
    Today, tradition does not guarantee that your sport will be included in

the Olympic games or any number of international sporting events. These  
events cost a lot of money to produce and the sponsors want the most bang  
for their bucks. So these events are going to look for sports that attract

television money and an international audience. There are many sports  
vying for a place in the international sports arena and rowing is just one

of them. And in the past, our sport has not been all that telegenic.
    In order for rowing to make and keep its place on this world stage,  
it must market itself through television exposure. Television can take  
a "second or third class" sport and provide the money and worldwide  
exposure that can make a sport like rowing into a "first class glamour"  
sport. Later this year, FISA will begin to sponsor a competitive rowing  
series in the hopes of attracting a television contract to help popularize

the sport of rowing to the rest of the world.  
    The problem with television is that the events must be tailored for  
the television format. This could change the face of competitive rowing as
know it. However, I think the boulder has already started rolling down  
the hill and either we stay ahead of it or get out of the way.

Marilyn Shapiro
FISA Pleasure Rowing Commission


Rowing (FISA) gets US$3.2 million from Olympics

Post by xeno mulle » Fri, 15 Mar 1996 04:00:00

For us rowers it is clear that our sport is the toughest there
is, therefore we are hors-class.  XENO.