2010 Head of the River Fours - New Junior events and other changes

2010 Head of the River Fours - New Junior events and other changes

Post by copygir1 » Mon, 20 Sep 2010 00:07:10

Competitors and coaches are reminded that the 2010 race will take
place on Remembrance Sunday - 14 November at 9:30am, swapping days
with the Veterans Fours Head. The change to a Sunday is required due
to the early high tide on Saturday and the large number of crews
expected to compete in the HOR4s.

As the 2010 World Rowing Championships is taking place in New Zealand
the week before the HOR4s, the committee has agreed to revise the
events in this years race. As a result there will be no Senior events
offered competitors having a choice between Elite and Intermediate 1
statuses across both genders and all boat types (with the exception of
Womens Elite 4+, which is not offered).

Junior Quads and Club and Academic Intermediate 2 coxed fours remain
unchanged and, for one year only, the committee is offering Open and
Womens Junior Coxed fours with the following restrictions:

There will be no points minimum for J4+ and WJ4+ however, no composite
crews are allowed and each club may only enter one boat in each

n.b. Crews entered in any of the other sweep events must still have a
minimum of six points in the crew at all times from entry to racing
(unchanged from 2009). Likewise, the rules pertaining to recent senior
internationals and minimum coxn age remain unchanged.

Following the cancellation of the race in 2009, the committee would
like to make it clear that entries in the 2010 race will not be
refunded in the event of a cancellation, as we are no longer
maintaining a cancellation reserve.

The Head of the River Fours is a non-profit making enterprise and
therefore, the entry fees for 2010 have been reduced to 45. Any
profits made from the race will be used to keep future entry fees as
low as possible.

Entries for the 2010 race are expected to open on 27th September and
will close on Friday 29 October or earlier if the race is fully