Model C heart rate monitor

Model C heart rate monitor

Post by Jim Kreuzig » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 01:00:00

Anybody out there purchase the optional heart rate monitor
on the ConceptII Model C? Does it work well?  Has it helped
in your training?  What happens when the transmitter wears out?
I'm just wondering if it's worth the extra hundred bucks.  

Jim Kreuziger
University of California Irvine
Department of Physics

UCI Crew


Model C heart rate monitor

Post by Thrasher » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 05:47:38

I have the polar wrist reader and the CII pickup for the Polar HR chest
lead. The CII pick up mounted on the bottom of the rail is superb. I have
had no problem with it. The $ are your problem. I don't use either mode
often..just regularly to check my workouts to make sure that I am still on
target. Otherwise I feel that preparing for the workout is a bit like
being a research gerbil.

I have used the CII setup to evaluate other masters athletes and the
effect of certain workouts on the "individual" so they can have their own
work plan. I have had the chest lead for going on three years without a
problem (I'll probably send it in when I get on the water this year) and
the wrist reader has only had one battery replacement. CII p/u is too new.

I'd be interested to hear what you do, why, and if you are happy.



Model C heart rate monitor

Post by Paul Nev » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 05:31:08

:another option is to simply mount the normal wrist moniter on the pull
:bar of the erg... this has worked well for me.  I just use a piece of
:foam and attach the wrist moniter between the U-bolt at the center of the
:pull bar.

This is precisely what I do. However, this morning I ordered the new computer
upgrade with the heart rate monitor option. We'll see...Paul

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