Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post by JK » Sat, 08 Dec 2012 07:50:00

Hi everyone... Any advice on how to get back on the water/erg/running as quickly as possible following my op today from any rowers who have had this done. Both sides, inguinal hernia, non-mesh repair following the Shouldice technique. Cheers James

Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post by » Tue, 11 Dec 2012 17:54:58

Im no doctor but keep the wound clean and if any sign of infection get it checked early.
When I had my hernia it was dressed and was told to leave the dressing on for a week.
This was bad advice as the wound did get infected and the strength of the repair affected.


Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post by JK » Thu, 13 Dec 2012 00:38:46

Thanks Donal.... Wound is OK. I was wondering when I can expect to be close to 100% rowing/ergo power... Up and walking but not doing any abdominal exercises yet


Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post by johnflo.. » Thu, 13 Dec 2012 03:51:52

Wish I could help.  I had hernia surgery last year but it was one side only, mesh, laparoscopic (2-3 tiny holes), plus other surgery afterwards.  Hernia was around Dec. 1, was back to training by May.  So my experience isn't very relevant.

I'd take it easy and resume gradually, especially any weight training, particularly squats (obviously!).  Needing to repair it again would only mean an even bigger delay.


Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post by Rebecca Caro » Thu, 13 Dec 2012 13:35:10

no idea about this but I have heard that you can exercise on a rowperfect using one leg at a time.
less impact on body and less challenging for fitness but may be a way to come back gently?


Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post by JK » Tue, 01 Jan 2013 22:05:01

As no-one seems to have any experience of post hernia op recovery, I thought I'd share a bit of mine....

I'm a 41 year old competitive masters rower (currently British Masters Champ in B4x but pathetic 2k erg score!) who also runs 10k trail races (fastest to date 46.47)... so reasonably fit.  

First 20 days... Built up walking fairly slowly until going for good "yomps" around local park with our two dogs... about 4km circuit. Short drives as required by 3 kids!

"Deep tissue" pain has been manageable and fairly minimal since Day 15. The "surface" pain has been fairly sharp and tingling, like biting ants running everywhere.... presumably this is where the skin nerves were damaged by the two incisions that have been knitting back together... this has been abating since Day 20.

Pain control was by Voltarol initially (3x50mg a day) and then common old Paracetamol.

Day 21... managed a 5k Concept II erg (Rebecca, fear not... 2nd hand Rowperfect is on its way) at an average split of 2.04.6 (normally my 5k's are under 20 mins)... damper set to 3 to reduce the "catch weight". Pleased as not hammering it as such, just trying to go steady.

Day 22... managed a 2k erg with a sub-2.00 split. Again not going for it although couldn't resist finishing off the last 500m!

Day 23... drove 8 hour round trip and now fairly sore abdominally so resting a few days... more the driving than the ergs!

Not back to running yet but will try shortly.

Hope this helps others considering a repair op or finding themselves needing one.

Hope to see everyone on the race circuit from March at this rate


Maidstone Invicta RC/Old Monmothians BC


Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post by Charles Carrol » Wed, 02 Jan 2013 04:37:43


In 2009 in the 23rd of November, three days before Thanksgiving, I had a
hernia repair. Kevin Hiler did the surgery. As I understand it, Kevin cut
into me, wrapped the protruding muscle in mesh and shoved it back into its
proper place.

I was Kevins first surgery of the day. I reported to the hospital at 6:00
A.M. My wife picked me up at 10:15.

Sandy thought it was a bad idea for me to take the first walk with the
children, who tend to pull. The first walk is at 1:00 P.M and I was ready to
go, but I deferred to my wife. Even so I took two dogs for a walk.

Thanksgiving morning I did ten minutes on the erg at low pressure/low rate.
It felt great.

Friday I went to Sausalito to go sculling. I had taken my oars down to the
dock when I ran into Charlie MacDonald, who was just returning. Charlie is a
physician and someone I greatly respect. I happened to mention the wonders
of modern medical techniques. This casual comment occasioned a conversation
about Kevin Hiler, who Charlie knows well, and hernia repairs.

Charlie does not mince words. He said that even though I was able to erg a
little bit the day before, it would be foolish of me to go out on the water.

I replied that Kevin said that the only thing that should determine what I
do physically is whether I felt up to it and wanted to do it.

Charlie replied that Kevin doesnt scull, hes a runner, and Kevin probably
didnt appreciate the role the abdomen plays in sculling. He said that the
pressures exerted on the abdomen are complex and intricate.

I replied that I didnt have the expertise to judge, but that I respected
his thinking so much that I would acquiesce and not go out.

But I did have a lesson scheduled the following Thursday with Ric Ricci, who
would be in town, and I really wanted to keep that lesson.

Charlie said that if I felt up to it, it probably would be ok to keep the
lesson, providing I stayed at low pressure/ low rates and didnt let Ric
push me.

I did keep the lesson the following Thursday and it turned out to be a very
valuable lesson. Ric had a lot of positive suggestions. I admit that I was
nervous during the lesson, but I was not nearly as nervous as Ric.

I had a follow up visit with Dr. Hiler the following Tuesday. He laughed
when I told him the story, and reiterated that there probably wasnt
anything to worry about. The mesh, he said, really holds the hernia in

Gotta run if I am going to get in any sculling this morning




Post bilateral hernia op recovery

Post by Rebecca Caro » Fri, 04 Jan 2013 11:23:14

> Day 21... managed a 5k Concept II erg (Rebecca, fear not... 2nd hand Rowperfect is on its way)

OOH, James
how exciting... tell all.  Who did you buy it from?
When's it arriving?