NAV lights at US Masters (Worcester, MA)

NAV lights at US Masters (Worcester, MA)

Post by kour » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 08:29:29

Howdy folks,

I will be rowing a few boats (and coxing, and officiating) at USRowing
Masters National Championship this year in Worcester, MA.  I'll be
bringing a few sets of ARCNAV rowing shell navigation lights with me
for anyone who is interested in seeing the product and perhaps even
buying a set or two.

You can learn more about the ARCNAV lights at:

I've sold quite a few to individuals around the United States this
summer.  Fall is fast approaching and that means less daylight and a
greater need for good shell illumination around dawn and dusk.

You can find me near the trailer with the Texas license plates, or you
can just ask any member of Austin Rowing Club where to find me (our
jerseys have a Texas flag motif on the front--can't miss us).  I will
also have access to email while in Worcester.  Thanks for your

Kourtney de Haas
Austin, Texas