FISA Rule Changes

FISA Rule Changes

Post by kr.. » Sun, 16 Apr 1995 04:00:00

The FISA Special Circular to National Federations dated April 12, 1995
states the following:-

1. New Starting Command

      The word "set" is no longer part of the FISA starting command.

      At the end of the roll call the starter will say "Attention", he
will then            
      raise the red flag and, after a variable pause, will drop the flag and
      say "go" simultaneously.  This start is effective from 01 May 1995.

2. False Start Rule

      Only the crew or crews which the judge decides actually caused the false
      start will be given a warning when more than one crew crosses the
      start line before the start has been given.  This effective immediately.

3. Coxes Weights

      Weight limit for junior and female coxwains is officially raised to 50kg.
      Limit for senior male coxwains is raised to 55kg.
      Maximum permitted deadweight will be 10kg.
      Effective for all FISA events in 1995 and 1996, effective immediately.

This circular was received by Hong Kong Amateur Rowing Association on 13 April.

Chris Perry - Technical Director, HKARA.