UK: Reading Small Boats Head 96

UK: Reading Small Boats Head 96

Post by 101454.3.. » Thu, 03 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Just a reminder that entries for the Reading Small Boats Head close
this Sunday, the event taking place on 13 Oct 96.

Entries are being taken for all categories with racing being in three
divisions at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. (All categories for 1x, 2x, 2-, 4+,
4-, 4x)

Entries can be made by Email to myself at:-

stating preferred division and category entered and must be received
by Sunday 6 Oct 96 with written confirmation on completed ARA entry
form to be received by Tuesday 8 Oct 96.

Again Reading will be taking a lead in Racing technology by using the
Mikrotime timing system with provisional results being available as
soon as the last boat crosses the finish line (no waiting around for
three hours for results here).

Rob Burnage
Reading Rowing Club.