2000 Head of the Chattahoochee Draw

2000 Head of the Chattahoochee Draw

Post by Hody Crou » Fri, 03 Nov 2000 15:17:47

The start order for the 2000 Head of the Chattahoochee regatta is now
available online.  Please visit http://www.atlantarow.org and follow the
links to "Current Entries"

We're looking forward to the biggest and best Hooch ever, with almost
900 boats registered to race.

A couple of friendly reminders:

Please do not reply to this message.  I will not be checking this account
between now and the regatta.

As discussed in the race information, Novice and Freshman-Novice events
were ordered by completely random draw.  For other events, the top
5 places from last year were used.

If your entries are incorrect, make sure to scratch before the end of the
Coaches and Coxswains meeting on Friday to avoid scratch fees.

See you at the Hooch!

Hody Crouch
Timing and Results Chair
Head of the Chattahoochee Regatta