USA Today article

USA Today article

Post by Bonnie M. Voigtland » Mon, 13 Jun 1994 03:45:21

The following article appeared in the Friday USA Today complete with a
picture of the Brown 8+ with caption: "Favored Again: Brown, last year's
national collegiate champion, hopes to repeat despite returning only three


         Brown expected to speed away with another title

By Peter Brewington

Harvard coach Harry Parker says acquiring sudden, dramatic speed is the
only way to upset Brown's powerful men at Saturday's National Collegiate
Rowing Championships on Lake Harsha in Cincinnati.

That's unlikely.

"I'm afraid the rest of us might have a very good race for second," he

"Crew is a weird sport in that when you have a favorite, they're usually
gonna win." says Brown rower Ben Holbrook.  "We have some very, very
strong people."

Brown won last year's championship and is 8-0 this year despite returning
just three members.

"Some win margins are bigger this year," says 6-3, 200-pound returnee
Igor Boraska, a member of the Croatian team.

"They've got a very, very strong work ethic.  They expect to win," says
coach Steve Gladstone, whose freshmen and JV crews finished
undefeated, too.

Jamie Doven, a 6-3, 195-pound junior, is the team leader.  "He's basically
the strongest rower in the country pound for pound," says Holbrook.
"That helps motivate other people."

Also back is Dave Filippone.

The most prominent new rower is Denis Zvegelj, who won a bronze
medal for Slovenia at the '92 Olympics in pairs.

As the new strokeman, Holbrook has emerged as a stabilizing force.  He,
Ludovic Hood (from London), J.C. Raby and Alec Holcombe are all new.

A good sign: Holbrook, Zvegelj, Holcombe, Hood and female coxswain
Rajanya Shah are just sophomores.

Shah has been a calming force and steered well.  "She's so cool on race
day," says Holbrook.

For the first time in her career, Shah has blistered her fingers from
gripping while steering.  "That's how I know we're fast," she says.

Brown's three foreigners (Boraka, Zvegelj and Hood) have been
controversial, but "when you're wining, people are gonna mention it," says

It's hardly a new concept--other crews have won with foreigners over the

Princeton is favored to repeat in the women's varsity race.  The 10-0
Tigers return five: Lianne Bennion, Sarah Hull, Wendy Holding, Reuwai
Mount and Julie Thorp.