River and Rowing Museum at Henley & Rowing WWW pages

River and Rowing Museum at Henley & Rowing WWW pages

Post by Jonathan Bow » Tue, 17 May 1994 21:52:23

The River and Rowing Museum at Henley is to be established. A director
has been appointed, funding for a building has been raised, and
construction will start shortly. River and rowing memorabilia,
reminiscences, anecdotes, offers of help, etc., are welcome.  Please

think you can help in any way.

I have set up (small) WWW pages for the museum and rowing in general


Pointers to further on-line information relevant to rowing (and
rivers!) are welcome.

Please note that "gruffle" will become "www" in the strings above in
due course.

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River and Rowing Museum at Henley & Rowing WWW pages

Post by Beth Maz » Wed, 18 May 1994 03:08:09

Bummer.  I get "requested document ...index.html could not be accessed.
The information server either is not accessible or is refusing to serve
the document to you."

BTW, today I described the Web to one of our upper-management types as
"the next greatest productivity sink after Usenet."  And now there's to
be a rowing page...

Beth Mazur

Look for our home page soon...