USA: ISO: Transportation: Boston - Austin

USA: ISO: Transportation: Boston - Austin

Post by Bill McGow » Sat, 05 May 2001 01:11:43

Dear r.s.r. folks,

I've exhausted every source trying to run an Empacher single from Boston, Mass.
to Austin, Texas.  Any takers?   The boat is ready-to-go, stored in Boston, and
needs to get to Austin, Texas a.s.a.p.  

There's a 2nd single that has to go from Chattanooga, TN to Laredo or El Paso,
TX to a freight forwarding agent, and ultimately on to Mexico City.  One person
could take-on both boats for added revenue.

Interested parties can contact me via this email address.  Will sweeten the pot
with an Empacher fleece jacket and hat.

Many thanks,

Bill McGowan, Manager                                          
EurowSport, L.L.C.
5 Gerrish Street
Brighton, MA 02135-1704
Office Phone & FAX: 617.787.1177
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USA: ISO: Transportation: Boston - Austin

Post by Alex, ELITE Rowin » Sun, 06 May 2001 06:06:19

Bill, I just got back from the USA tour. In one piece, I might add. Can't
the same for the deer that wandered in front of my mighty Chevy pickup doing
75 mph.. I was heading home, all boats safely at their respective
destinations. Scary.

Sorry I missed you, could've broken even on the trip.

PS: What's with this "Empachers shipped to China by mistake" rumor?

Alex Selvig
(The "original") ELITE Rowing, Inc.(tm)
FILIPPI(tm) Importers, USA & Canada
70 Lake Street, Brighton, MA 02135 USA
Tel. & Fax 617-783-8442