Concept II Price Quote

Concept II Price Quote

Post by BROD » Mon, 11 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am aware that I am opening myself up to possibel flame throwers, but as
this is a direct response to a direct question I will brave it.

A new Model C Concept II Indoor Rower (erg) sells from the factory for
$725.00  USD plus shipping.This is the latest model equipped with the PM2
monitor. A used Model C with a PM1 would be worth about $600 if it was in
good shape. A Model B with a PM1 would go for anywhere between $400 and
$550 depending on its condition. A Model A machine (with the bicycle wheel
flywheel) is an antique....hang on to it, it will only increase in value!
Bear in mind that these are USA prices. Recognizing that this is an
international newsgroup, one should be aware that we will  not sell
directly to those countries where we have authorized dealers...i.e. all of
Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. People in tose parts of the world
should contact their CII dealer for pricing info.

Good luck and best regards...

brodes  aka robert brody, erg race guy, concept ii usa