Olympic Lodging Revisited

Olympic Lodging Revisited

Post by Rick O'Qui » Fri, 14 Apr 1995 04:00:00

William C. Davidon brought up a good question in responds to my lodging
post. He said:

Thanks, Rick, for all the info you sent on housing in and around
Gainsville.  Is there a reason you made no mention of the Hampton Inn,
which accoring to my directory is at 4100 S.W. 40th Blvd in Gainsville
(904-371-4171)?  My wife and I had a most pleasant stay at a Hampton Inn
last fall at the World Races in Indianapolis.

I'm not going crazy or anything, its just that the Hampton Inn in
Gainesville has not yet been built. I meant to mention it in my original
post, but it slipped my mind. The Hampton and the city were wrangling over
a road that was going to have to be closed to fit the hotel in, but I
think they have worked that out. I don't know if they have broken ground
on it yet, but it is expected to be ready in time for the Olympics. Just
be warned that if they are taking reservations now and run into major
construction problems, you may have to pitch a tent on the construction
site 8^)

Thanks for bringing that up William.

Rick O'Quinn
UGA Public Information