UK Sculler's Head top results

UK Sculler's Head top results

Post by quarr.. » Tue, 12 Apr 1994 04:39:55

UK Sculler's Head, 9th April, 4:30 pm, Mortlake to Putney.

I only have the first few results, but the times should be right.  Conditions
were pretty perfect, good water and well on the tide, with the recent rain
speeding the water even more.  500 scullers entered, and in a competitive field
Peter Haining pulled off a storming performance to win by a margin of 8
seconds, apparently breaking the course record by doing so.  Haining has
already stated his intention of beating any lightweight sculler who challenges
his position in the GB squad at any regatta this summer, and seems to be well
on form after his recent return from the Far East to resume regular training in

For further results, we can only hope for something in the Monday Daily
Telegraph, or you could try ringing Vesta RC in London, number from Dir. Enq.

1       Haining         19:53   course record
2       Pooley          20:01  
3       Hall-Craggs     20:05
4       Watson          20:06
5=      Kay             20:14
        Smith           20:14
7       Lemon           20:26   winner novice pennant, apparently
8       Stanhope        20:27
9       Hessian         20:31
10      Havleidner      20:32
11      White           20:33
12=     Callison        20:34
        Long            20:34

The rest then bunched up a lot, 26th at 20:47 (Pollecut, of Henley doubles
fame), 36th at 20:56, 66th at 21:15, 178th at 22:08 to give you some idea of
the relative speeds.

Please excuse any ridiculous errors in names - I was taking this over the phone
from London RC from a Dutch girl with an American accent, and accept no
responsibility for laughable mis-types.

UK netreaders - get yourselves in gear for the regatta season!  It would be
good to post at least final results for as many events as possible within the
weekend - if you don't have w/end access to the net, phone results to someone
who does.  If results aren't published in the national press (unlikely, let's
admit) it would still be good to put them out even a few days later, as there
are plenty of ex-rowers trying to follow the progress of their old clubs and
friends from afar.  If this is boring all those poor people in the States and
elsewhere, we could always start our own group................(subversive)