British Olympic Association & UK Rowing Manufacturers

British Olympic Association & UK Rowing Manufacturers

Post by Carl Dougla » Sun, 16 Jun 2002 00:36:23

I promised to keep everyone posted on this saga:

On Tuesday, 11 June, there was a meeting between officers of the BOA and
representatives of a number of UK rowing manufacturers and suppliers.
Those present reached complete agreement that genuine suppliers of
rowing equipment to the Olympic Team should be able to make use in
advertising, in accordance with honest practice, of the various Olympic
and Olympic-related words which had hitherto been the subject of the
dispute between the BOA and the team's suppliers.

This agreement does not, of course, permit the use of such logos as the
Olympic rings or the TeamGB name or logo.

As you will see, the agreement has been blessed by the ARA.

A Statement was agreed, as follows: -

"In recognition of the rowing manufacturers' support of the British
rowing squads at the Olympic Games, the British Olympic Association and
the rowing industry have today agreed to create an Olympic marketing and
advertising code of practice in conjunction with the Amateur Rowing
Association for the sport of rowing.  The full details of the code will
be announced in due course."

Cheers & many thanks to everyone -


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