"Blades of the World" WWW page - wanted!

"Blades of the World" WWW page - wanted!

Post by James Lock » Sun, 12 Feb 1995 15:25:45

Since putting the Blades of the World web page on-line I have received
a number of blade designs.  Thanks to all who have submitted their
organization's blades.  And a special thanks to Doug Rathburn for the
tremendous help he's contributed to the page.

I've recently split the page into several pages so the load times would
be reduced for users.  The full collection is still available on the main
Blades of the World page, however.

I noticed that while there are a number of college and national blades,
there is a lacking of club designs -- I think only about six or seven ar
on display.  This is a call for more club blades.  (We know you're out
there...send 'em in!)

Also, I've added a page for prep schools.  The first (and only, as of
now) design is from Cincinnati Country Day School.  Additions to the prep
collection are sought and welcome!

Instructions for adding your organization's blade are on each of the
blade pages.

They're at:

        All blades      http://wsnet.com:80/~jiml/mrc/blades.html
        National        http://wsnet.com:80/~jiml/mrc/blades_n.html
        Clubs           http://wsnet.com:80/~jiml/mrc/blades_c.html
        Colleges        http://wsnet.com:80/~jiml/mrc/blades_u.html
        Prep schools    http://wsnet.com:80/~jiml/mrc/blades_p.html


                        Jim Locke

                        Montgomery Rowing Club