Concept II Ergometer

Concept II Ergometer

Post by Jeremy Mart » Fri, 12 Mar 1993 19:30:48

There appear to be several individuals in the world capable of phenomenal
sub 7:30 performances for 2500. They are usually very large and it should be
noted that ergo scores should increase in proportion to weight raised to the
power 2/9ths, for equivalent athletes. This means that a time of 7:30 for a
100kg athlete is equivalent to 8:00 minutes for a 75kg athlete, or about 7:20
for a 110kg athlete.

I'd be very interested in any available data of ergo performances, and how it
relates to performance in the boat. For instance: are there any cases of people
with poor ergo scores being selected for the World Championships and then
winning medals? As far as I can see most of the top rowing performers are also
very good at the ergo.

Last summer I was coaching and coordinating a Senior III rowing squad at
Abingdon Rowing Club (near Oxford). SIII is a level where technique tends to
be seriously lacking. Due to time-shortage I selected two crews for a 500m
sprint regatta purely on the basis of a 500m ergo test within the squad. It
turned out that the crew of four weaker ergo scores went much faster than the
crew of better scores. For a previous regatta I selected purely on the basis
of seat racing. On this occasion a very rough, but extremely fit and strong,
novice made the first crew. However the rest of his crew became obsessed with
the idea that he was a liability and became slower and slower. They started
the last week of preparation beating the B crew by 7 lengths over 2000m. On the
day before the regatta they lost by a length to them over 500m. I was away on
holiday at the time.

With hindsight I should probably have used my own judgement as the basis for
crew selection. But it was only an experimental squad system looking towards
building a club structure for the future. After the summer I decided to give
up the job of coach/coordinator and get back into a boat myself. What a

                                Jeremy Martin


Concept II Ergometer

Post by John Paul Wangerma » Sat, 13 Mar 1993 23:29:17

I've only just started receiving this newsgroup so apologies if any of
this has been covered.  As an ex Churchill College and Evesham RC rower
I'd be interested in any news on the UK scene. In particular:
- any gossip on this year's Cambridge crew; will they break their losing
- H.O.R. news?
- Are there any Evesham RC people out there?