FS: Polar Accurex NV Heart Rate Monitor

FS: Polar Accurex NV Heart Rate Monitor

Post by M Robli » Sat, 29 Jul 2000 04:00:00

FS:  Polar Accurex Nightvision HRM, $70 shipped

Heart rate monitor bought new several years ago, used intermittently
for ~ 1 year,in a drawer since.  Tested it yesterday it works fine.
Quality HRM with a good range of features.

Includes transmitter, chest strap, wrist receiver, and manual.
Features:  Time/Date.  Two programmable timers.  Target heart rate zone
programmable to 1 bpm.  Recovery timer.  Auto-start feature.  Stopwatch
with 44 split/lap times.  Time spent below, in, and above target heart
rate zone.  Target zone audible and visual alarm.  Average heart rate,
Recovery heart rate.  Three line display:  Lap time, total elapsed time
or time of day, and heart rate. Non-coded transmitter.


Murray Roblin

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