Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors

Post by Sam Halper » Tue, 19 Oct 1993 03:22:09

Could you fitness guru's out there possibly answer a few of my questions

regarding heart rate monitors?

1)  What options are available.  I have seen stuff from the Polar Heart Rate

monitor company.  Are there other brands to consider?

2) Could you reccomend a good supplier for this equipment?

3) As I am a rower, I would be looking for something waterproof, and I would

also like a stopwatche, but it is not imperative.  Can you reccomend a good


(^  good waterproof heart rate monitor with stop watch that is.)

4) Are there important things to consider when buying a heart rate monitor

I.E. should it have a chest sensor, or other things??

5) Last (finnaly)  are there any good books out there regarding training with
H.R.M's ?  

thanks a lot