general and Kingston Small Boats Head results

general and Kingston Small Boats Head results

Post by Rachel Quarre » Tue, 07 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Kingston SBH results:

They are now up in a scanned form (sorry - wasn't sent the text files) on
my site at

You ideally need JPEG or similar to see them, but the clarity is good.

Many thanks to Peter King for sending them out to me.  The Kingston Eights
Head will some time in the next two months get a web page at my site,
which will include a printable entry form and contact details.  


hearty thanks, slaps on back and multiple rounds of applause to Chris
Harrison, who helped me get the Four's Head results out so quickly when my
original avenue of connection was found not to work.  I was finally given
the disk by the Four's Head organisers at 6:20 pm, and didn't get it to
Chris until nearly an hour later, due to traffic, so the 8:30 pm loadup
was pretty close.  I gather that there might be a change or two still to
come, but nothing is yet confirmed.

You can fax me results to Dr. Rachel Quarrell, 01865-275674 (departmental no.)
but I prefer text files on disc if possible (scanned files are much
larger), to the Dyson Perrins Laboratory, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1
3QY, UK.  Or, of course, text files by email (best of all).

I intend to keep all results up for at least a year if I get them in text
form, but scanned-in results will be kept for only a month or so.


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