Dirigo Lt wt 1x (155 lbs.)

Dirigo Lt wt 1x (155 lbs.)

Post by sha.. » Fri, 27 Sep 1996 04:00:00


I have a Dirigo Lt Wt 1x for sale that has never been rowed it is still
in Maine at Dirigo.  This single is unique as it has a new rigger design
for Dirigo.  It is a one piece carbon fiber tubular rigger using the same
technology as used in oar construction.  It has the general geometry of
what one thinks when describing a "wing rigger", being attached near the
foot stretcher and swept back towards the bow.  There is no perpendicular
member to the boat but there is a back brace.  THe back brace eliminates
the torsional effect that the conventional "wing rigger" would feel.

The shell itself is $4250

I also have for it a NK Pace Coach with heart rate monitor.  The sensor
fin is built into the boat but can be removed.  It is 699.21 what I paid
for it.

I also have for it a Burnham boat cover.  It is a padded cover with red
ends.  Very nice.  I beilieve it was $325.  I only want what I paid.

I would first like to sell everything together to recover my cost, but
if I am not successfull I will break things up.

I am selling the shell because I am leaving the country for a year and it
is not practicle to take it with me nor do I want to store.

919 472 7079