Rowing (FISA) gets US.2 million from Olympics

Rowing (FISA) gets US.2 million from Olympics

Post by Sullys Ma » Sat, 23 Mar 1996 04:00:00


>>     The truth is the world of international sports is a very competitive
>> place.  ...   The same is true for ice skating.
>> A few years ago the Ice Capades was on it's last legs, now every ice skating
>> competition and show is sold out. What these sports have done, by
>> marketing their stars, personalities and rivalries is guaranteed themselves
>> a place in the international competitive sports world.

>I can't believe it, but I no longer make the time to watch this stuff on
>TV.  It may very well be that all of this is "good" for figure skating
>(although I wonder what the impact on the young in this sport may be--for
>example, will this cause an increase in anorexia and bulimia among ***age
>girls?). I'm just not 100% sure that this is really what I'd want for rowing.

Yes, it is similar thought to the discussion with some I had here a
couple years back.  If you COULD make rowing an extremely popular
fad, would you want to?   There were quite a few scullers who balked
at the the thought of weaving their way down a course of hundreds
of spandex-bespangled novices...

The sport of rowing is too logistically difficult to appeal to the
masses, though I am waiting to see the D-brothers come out with a
Concept $99.95 and a slew of info-mercials hosted by Jake (as in
bodies by) and Heather Locklear.