In Search of Outdoor Sports/Fitness Writers

In Search of Outdoor Sports/Fitness Writers

Post by John Reynol » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hello to all the outdoor sports enthusiasts and greetings from Netizen
Islands (  Netizen Islands is an
online community providing entertainment and commerce with a strong
emphasis on outdoor sports and health.  

My name is John Reynolds.  I am Associate Editor for "The Islander,"
the online publication for "netizens" of Netizen Islands.  I am proud
to say that "The Islander" has been selected as Microsoft Explorer
UK's sight of the day and Starting Point's Hot Site of the day.  Due
to this recognition and our desire to maintain a professional, fun,
quality publication, we anticipate daily hits to the magazine to range
in the thousands.  Since receiving these awards, these projections
have shown to be right in line.

Currently, we are looking to expand our Scuba section of "The
Islander" into a full-blown outdoor sports magazine.  This means we
will be considering ALL outdoor sports and certainly will not turn
down any suggestions before reviewing them thoroughly.  Currently we
are considering biking, hiking, snow sports, walking, running, in-line
skating, skate boarding, swimming, archery, volleyball, etc.

The reason I am posting this message is to seek out qualified writers
in their area of interest.  Please note that, at this time, there will
NOT be monetary compensation at this time for articles submitted, but
we do promise the chance to have your work published on one of the
most up-and-coming Internet publications.  The chance also exists to
receive your own regular column in the area of your choice.  This is
an excellent chance to get your work out for all to see.  If you are

Please include in your letter of interest a sample of your writing
and/or pictures (text must be in .txt or Word for Windows format;
pictures in .jpg or .gif formats).  I will also need to know whether
you would be interested in occassional features or a regular column
(if regular what would be the nature of the column and the frequency
with which you can support it).

Qualified writers will need to submit a photo and a short biography of
themselves.  These will be attached to the article on "The Islander"
to allow readers to get the writer's background and to make sure the
writer receives full recognition for their work.

Once again, please send submissions to John Reynolds at

Thank You!


John Reynolds
Associate Editor
The Islander