Italian championships

Italian championships

Post by Mike De.Petr » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 06:56:12

At the last moment me and Claudia decided to partecipate to the national
championships in Milan, a trip to celebrate our 13th (wedding) and to try
something new in the boat. She was the first of the not qualified in both
1xHW (10 competitors, 5th in the repechage) and 1xLW (17, 5th in semi). The
big new was me trying the lightweigh race for the first time ever, and
performed quite well for my little morning training, 7th in the 1xLM (I was
6th but stupidly stopped few strokes before finish) and out of semifinals in
the 1xHM due to unlucky repechage even after a good heat.

Me and Claudia are without a coach or any other help, so can you imagine how
much fun was it to go to Milan alone with this plan:

14:00 1xLW heat
15:10 1xLM heat
18:00 1xLW rep
11:00 1xLW semi
11:20 1xHW heat (yes, just the time to come back to start!)
11:40 1xLM semi
12:55 1xHM heat
14:30 1xLM final
17:00 1xHW rep
17:40 1xHM rep
no races on sunday so suddenly decide to unbold riggers, put boats on
trailer, have a shower, have a nice romantic pizza we two alone and start
from Milan at 21:00 to come home at 01:00.

I do not have words to express the feelings of such an intense racing
weekend, and satisfaction for being so fast, even with all those races to do,
we still have breath even at our age, got the pleasure to race against big
champions and even beat many jounger good rowers.

Is this rowing ? YES IT IS !

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Italian championships

Post by Jon Anderso » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 05:32:03


> Is this rowing ? YES IT IS !

Good luck Mike!


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