WT Rent a Double / Buy an Eight

WT Rent a Double / Buy an Eight

Post by Jason Thrashe » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

***ia Tech is interested in renting a double with oars.
The shell will be needed for the months March, April,
and May 1996.

We are also looking for an eight to be purchased by next
spring.  Specificly we are interested in two shells, one
for 150 lb women and one for 190 lb men.  Oars are also
needed.  We are trying to move away from intercollegiate
shells, and move twards Dirigos, but we are interested in
everything and all brands.  We are a small and growing
program, so we can't buy them as new.

Thanks for your response.

Jason Thrasher
Women's Coach
***ia Tech Rowing Club