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Essen-news / www-server-news

Post by Henk Schr » Fri, 19 May 1995 04:00:00

Hugelregatta Essen 19-21 May 1995

FISA issuing time-trials.

Last year there were already plans to start experiments
with time trials for single scull events within a FISA-regatta.

As far as I know, no Regatta-organization was anxious to be the first
in starting this experiment.
The experiment: to have time trials for an evenly spread of fast
boat over different prelimanaries.

This year there will be time trials at Essen; not only for the single
scull event, but for numerous events; i.e. all events with more than
18 entries at 14.00 hours at Friday afternoon: roll call time.

The time trials will take place on Friday afternoon, sometime between
16.00 and 18.00 hours; distance measured will be 1900 meters,
lanes used will be 1 and 3; after 30 seconds lane 2 and 4; again 30
seconds later lane 1 and 3 again, and so on.


A few months ago I was able to open a personal www-server on rowing.
The facilities made available within my office: SWIDOC,
Social Science Information and Documentation Centre at Amsterdam.

Those of you interested to consult the server may use the
following URL (I'm working on an English summary part of
the information):

Hope with me we will have good rowing conditions this
weekend in Essen on the Baldenysee (lake).

Henk Schrik
Henk Schrik
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