Tribesmen Head of the River (Ireland) Preliminary Draw

Tribesmen Head of the River (Ireland) Preliminary Draw

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[A bit of blurb sent to the papers followed by the Head of the River

Carlsberg Tribesmen Head of the River

OlympicSquad Members much in evidence

Entry forms are now in for the 19th Carlsberg Tribesmen Head of the River
being held in Galway on the Saturday of St Patricks weekend. Each year
the organisers, Tribesmen Rowing Club have announced a record entry and
this year is no different, with 289 crews entered compared with 281 last
year. This translates to over 1200 competitors plus their coaches,
supporters friends and families travelling to Galway for the weekend,
with 44 or the countries 62 clubs represented.
Adding spice to the event this year will be the appearance of three
composite crews. A closer examination of these crews reveals a major
outing by the Irish Olympic squad. A Senior Eight from Neptune/St
Michaels/LVBC/GRC/Waterford will contain Neville Maxwell and Tony
OConnor who came close to medals at the recent Worlds, along with
Galwayman Conor Moloney and other Olympic hopefuls. This eight will be
expected to give holders Neptune some stiff opposition on the day.
Tribesmens Paul Flannery will race in the Single Sculls and will also be
part of the Tribesmen Senior Eight.
Niall OToole teams up with sculling prodigy Gerard Towey, who defeated
Niall at the championships last summer, plus Neptune scullers Dolan and
Byrne to provide a potent challenge in the Quad Sculls. Niall will also
race the Single Sculls earlier in the day.
Tribesmen Rowing Club are thrilled at the prospect of having what amounts
to the entire national Olympic squad in town for the weekend competing in
the event. This participation is testimony to the prestege with which the
event is held amongst competitors and the Rowing Union alike.
The Head of the River kicks off with the Small Boats - Fours and Double
Sculls, sponsored by Clarenbridge Crystal, starting from the lake at
11:30, and begin arriving under the Quincentennial Bridge about twelve
minutes later. There are 100 boats in this race.
At 2:00pm the Scullers and Pairs, sponsored by the GBC Restaurant and
Rocca Tiles, will race over the same course. Most pundits would expect
Niall OToole to take the sculls, and Maxwell/OConnor the Pairs. The 103
boats in this race should arrive under the Bridge by 2:15.
The Main event of the day, the Carlsberg Eights gets underway at 4:30,
and it will be interesting to see how Neptune and the composite crew
battle it out, and whether the very fast Quad Scull with OToole in the
engine room will make any inroads on these two.
Elsewhere, Host club Tribesmen are hopeful for good results for their
Senior and Intermediate Fours; Bish will be looking to reverse a recent
defeat by Portora at Enniskillen; Jes Girls will be expected to do well;
UCG are fielding a large entry, and the UCG /GRC womens Senior composite
will expect to be competitive with a strong UCD outfit.

Preliminary Draw for the Carlsberg Tribesmen Head of the River 1996
to be held on Mar 16 1996 on the Corrib in Galway.

Note: This has not hone to the clubs yet ind may be subject to change

Head 1 at 11:30
Fours and Double Scull
Preliminary Draw
Num     Club Name       M/F     Section Boat    Grade
1       Neptune A       Men     Open    4       Snr
2       St Michaels     Men     Open    4       Snr
3       Commercial Dub-R        Men     Open    4       Snr
4       Tribesmen RC-A  Men     Open    4       Snr
5       DUBC    Men     Open    4       Snr
6       UCD-E   Men     Open    4       Snr
7       Carlow  Men     Open    4       Snr
8       Neptune B       Men     Open    4       Snr
9       UCG     Men     Open    4       Snr
10      Commercial Dub-S        Men     Open    4       Snr
11      Tribesmen RC-B  Men     Open    4       Snr
12      UCD-F   Men     Open    4       Snr
13      Portora Men     Jnr     4       J18
14      St Josephs Coll-C       Men     Jnr     4       J18
15      Tribesmen RC    Men     Interm  4       Inter
16      DUBC    Men     Interm  4       Inter
17      DFRA    Men     Interm  4       Inter
18      QUBC    Men     Interm  4       Inter
19      UCD     Men     Interm  4       Inter
20      Neptune Men     Interm  4       Inter
21      Carlow  Men     Interm  4       Inter
22      Cork BC Men     Interm  4       Inter
23      Shandon Men     Interm  4       Inter
24      UCG     Men     Interm  4       Inter
25      LVBC    Men     Open    2x      Snr
26      Cork BC Men     Jnr     4       J18
27      St Michaels     Men     Jnr     4       J18
28      Castleconnell   Men     Jnr     4       J18
29      Clonmel Men     Jnr     4       J18
30      GRC     Men     Jnr     4       J18
31      St Josephs Coll-D       Men     Jnr     4       J18
32      Fossa   Men     Jnr     4       J18
33      Shannon Men     Jnr     4       J18
34      City Of Derry   Men     Jnr     4       J18
35      UCG     Men     Open    2x      Snr
36      Carlow  Men     Open    2x      Snr
37      CarrickOnShanno Men     Open    2x      Snr
38      DFRA    Men     Open    2x      Snr
39      UCC     Men     Open    2x      Snr
40      UCD LBC Women   Open    4       Snr
41      GRC     Women   Open    4       Snr
42      Neptune Women   Open    4       Snr
43      DULBC   Women   Open    4       Snr
44      Fermoy  Men     Jnr     2x      J18
45      Muckross        Men     Jnr     2x      J18
46      Offaly  Men     Jnr     2x      J18
47      Col Iognaid     Women   Jnr     4       J18
48      Clonmel Women   Jnr     4       J18
49      Kings Hospital  Women   Jnr     4       J18
50      DFRA C  Men     Nov     4       Nov
51      Muckross        Men     Nov     4       Nov
52      Neptune Men     Nov     4       Nov
53      Shannon Men     Nov     4       Nov
54      UCD-A   Men     Nov     4       Nov
55      UCG     Men     Nov     4       Nov
56      Skibbereen      Men     Nov     4       Nov
57      UCC     Men     Nov     4       Nov
58      DFRA D  Men     Nov     4       Nov
59      UCD-B   Men     Nov     4       Nov
60      Univ of Ulster  Men     Nov     4       Nov
61      Castleconnell   Men     Nov     4       Nov
62      Comm'l Kill'y   Men     Nov     4       Nov
63      UCG     Women   Interm  4       Inter
64      QUB LBC A       Women   Interm  4       Inter
65      Neptune Women   Interm  4       Inter
66      DULBC   Women   Interm  4       Inter
67      Commercial Dubl Women   Interm  4       Inter
68      QUB LBC B       Women   Interm  4       Inter
69      UCC     Women   Interm  4       Inter
70      Athlone Women   Open    2x      Snr
71      Carlow  Women   Jnr     4       J18
72      Commercial Dubl Women   Jnr     4       J18
73      GRC     Women   Jnr     4       J18
74      City Of Derry   Women   Jnr     4       J18
75      DUBC    Men     Nov     2x      Nov
76      GRC     Men     Nov     2x      Nov
77      Kings Hospital  Women   Open    2x      Snr
78      Shandon/UCC     Women   Open    2x      Snr
79      Portadown       Men     Nov     2x      Nov
80      OCBC    Men     Vet     4       Vet
81      DFRA    Men     Vet     4       Vet
82      St Josephs Coll Men     Jnr     4       J16
83      Portora Men     Jnr     4       J16
84      Athlone Men     Jnr     4       J16
85      GRC     Men     Jnr     4       J15
86      Fermoy  Women   Jnr     2x      J18
87      Methodist Coll  Women   Jnr     2x      J18
88      Col Iognaid     Women   Nov     4       Nov
89      DULBC   Women   Nov     4       Nov
90      QUB LBC C       Women   Nov     4       Nov
91      QUB LBC D       Women   Nov     4       Nov
92      Shannon Women   Nov     4       Nov
93      UCD LBC Women   Nov     4       Nov
94      Univ of Ulster-A        Women   Nov     4       Nov
95      Univ of Ulster-B        Women   Nov     4       Nov
96      St Josephs Coll Men     Jnr     4       J15
97      Tribesmen RC    Women   Vet     4       Vet
98      Castleconnell   Women   Jnr     4       J16
99      Tribesmen RC    Men     Jnr     2x      J18
Carlsberg Tribesmen Head of the River 1996

Head 2 at 14:00
Single Scull and Pairs
Preliminary Draw
Num     Club Name       M/F     Section Boat    Grade   Sculler

1       Neptune Men     Open    2       Snr
2       Commercial Dubl Men     Open    1x      Snr     O'Toole
3       Fermoy  Men     Open    1x      Snr     Towey
4       Neptune Men     Open    1x      Snr     B Dolan
5       LVBC    Men     Open    1x      Snr     JArmstr
6       GRC     Men     Open    1x      Snr     ODivine
7       Neptune/Michaels        Men     Open    2       Snr
8       Commercial Dub-P        Men     Open    2       Snr
9       Commercial Dub-Q        Men     Open    2       Snr
10      Commercial Dubl Men     Open    1x      Snr     b
11      Commercial Dubl Men     Open    1x      Snr     c
12      Commercial Dubl Men     Open    1x      Snr     d
13      Commercial Dubl Men     Open    1x      Snr     e
14      Shannon Men     Open    2       Snr
15      Fermoy  Men     Open    2       Snr
16      UCG     Men     Open    2       Snr
17      UCC     Men     Open    2       Snr
18      Carlow  Men     Open    2       Snr
19      Tribesmen RC    Men     Open    2       Snr
20      GRC     Men     Open    1x      Snr     TElwood
21      Neptune Men     Open    1x      Snr     JCass
22      Neptune Men     Nov     1x      Snr     Kelly
23      Neptune Men     Nov     1x      Snr     Kearney
24      GRC     Men     Open    1x      Snr     AMcCall
25      Commercial Dubl Men     Open    1x      Snr     f
26      Commercial Dubl Men     Open    1x      Snr     g
27      UCG     Men     Interm  1x      Inter   S Colbe
28      Tribesmen RC    Men     Interm  1x      Inter   Flannery
29      Offaly  Men     Interm  1x      Inter   O'Brien
30      Shandon Men     Interm  1x      Inter   Donovan
31      Skibbereen      Men     Interm  1x      Inter   ???
32      UCC     Men     Interm  1x      Inter   JO'Neil
33      UCC     Men     Interm  1x      Inter   SKeohan
34      Carlow  Men     Interm  1x      Inter   ???
35      Commercial Dub-L        Men     Interm  1x      Inter
36      Commercial Dub-M        Men     Interm  1x      Inter
37      Carlow  Men     Interm  2       Inter
38      Clonmel Men     Interm  2       Inter
39      Commercial Dubl Men     Interm  2       Inter
40      DFRA    Men     Interm  2       Inter
41      Tribesmen RC    Men     Interm  2       Inter
42      Commercial Dubl Women   Open    1x      Snr
43      Shandon Women   Open    1x      Snr     NiCeillaher
44      Skibbereen      Men     Jnr     1x      J18     A???
45      Cork BC Men     Jnr     1x      J18     McGrath
46      Clonmel Men     Jnr     1x      J18     EQuinn
47      Commercial Dubl Men     Jnr     1x      J18     h
48      CarrickOnShanno Men     Jnr     1x      J18     J Kelly
49      Commercial Dubl Men     Jnr     1x      J18     i
50      Clonmel Men     Jnr     1x      J18     KMcColl
51      Commercial Dubl Men     Jnr     1x      J18     j
52      Commercial Dubl Men     Jnr     1x      J18     k
53      CarrickOnShanno Men     Jnr     1x      J18     K McGov
54      Monkstown&CH    Men     Jnr     1x      J18     ???
55      St Michaels     Men     Jnr     2       J18
56      Castleconnell A Men     Jnr     2       J18
57      Castleconnell B Men     Jnr     2       J18
58      GRC     Women   Open    2       Snr
59      UCD LBC Women   Open    2       Snr
60      Offaly  Women   Jnr     1x      J18     SClavin
61      Clonmel Women   Jnr     1x      J18     S Fenne
62      Offaly  Women   Jnr     1x      J15     NiCheil
63      Skibbereen      Men     Jnr     1x      J16     B????
64      Monkstown&CH    Women   Jnr     1x      J16     P Dunle
65      Offaly  Men     Jnr     1x      J16     PHussey
66      UCC     Women   Nov     1x      Nov     M Terry
67      Cork BC Men     Jnr     1x      J16     McSween
68      Shannon Women   Nov     1x      Nov     ???
69      Clonmel Men     Jnr     1x      J16     JRyan
70      Neptune Women   Nov     1x      Nov     McHenry
71      Belfast RC      Women   Nov     1x      Nov     F McGra
72      GRC     Women   Nov     1x      Nov     OSands
73      GRC     Men     Nov     1x      Nov     MO'Dea
74      Tribesmen RC    Men     Nov     1x      Nov     Coyne
75      Lee BC  Men     Nov     1x      Nov     K Flynn
76      Athlone Men     Nov     1x      Nov     AKenny
77      Athlone Men     Nov     1x      Nov     FKeane
78      Castleconnell   Men     Nov     1x      Nov     ???
79      City Of Derry   Men     Nov     1x      Nov     ???
80      DUBC    Men     Nov     1x      Nov     aaa
81      DUBC    Men     Nov     1x      Nov     bbb
82      Enniskillen     Men     Nov     1x      Nov     WMullig
83      GRC     Men     Nov     1x      Nov     SDiviney
84      Monkstown&CH    Men     Nov     1x      Nov     ECox
85      Newry   Men     Nov     1x      Nov     MFegan
86      Shannon Men     Nov     1x      Nov     ???
87      Skibbereen      Men     Nov     1x      Nov     ???
88      UCG     Men     Nov     1x      Nov     CGriffe
89      UCG     Men     Nov     1x      Nov     SFarrel
90      Univ of Ulster  Men     Nov     1x      Nov     SBell
91      City Of Derry   Men     Jnr     1x      J15     ???
92      Clonmel Men     Jnr     1x      J15     BWall
93      Lagan Scullers  Men     Vet     1x      Vet     B McAle
94      Lagan Scullers  Men     Vet     1x      Vet     G Reid
95      Offaly  Men     Vet     1x      Vet     Durkin
96      Commercial Dubl Women   Interm  1x      Inter
97      Cork BC Women   Interm  1x      Inter   Cummins
98      UCG     Women   Interm  2       Inter
99      Neptune Women   Jnr     2       J18
100     Tribesmen RC    Men     Vet     2       Vet
101     Monkstown&CH    Women   Nov     2       Nov
102     Cork BC A       Men     Open    4x      Snr
103     Cork BC B       Men     Open    4x      Snr
Carlsberg Tribesmen Head of the River 1996

Head 3   at 16:30
Eights and Quad Scull
Preliminary Draw
Num     Club Name       M/F     Section Boat    Grade

1       Neptune Men     Open    8       Snr
2       DUBC    Men     Open    8       Snr
3       N/M/G/LV/W      Men     Open    8       Snr
4       St Michaels     Men     Open    8       Snr
5       Tribesmen RC    Men     Open    8       Snr
6       Commercial Dubl Men     Open    8       Snr
7       UCD     Men     Open    8       Snr
8       GRC     Men     Open    8       Snr
9       Nep/Fer/Comm    Men     Open    4x      Snr
10      Commercial Dubl Men     Open    4x      Snr
11      DUBC    Men     Interm  8       Inter
12      QUBC    Men     Interm  8       Inter
13      DFRA A  Men     Interm  8       Inter
14      Cork BC Men     Interm  8       Inter
15      UCD     Men     Interm  8       Inter
16      Shandon Men     Interm  8       Inter
17      UCG     Men     Interm  8       Inter
18      DFRA B  Men     Interm  8       Inter
19      Carlow  Men     Interm  8       Inter
20      Portora Men     Jnr     8       J18
21      St Josephs Coll-A       Men     Jnr     8       J18
22      Cork BC Men     Jnr     8       J18
23      Castleconnell A Men     Jnr     8       J18
24      Shandon Men     Jnr     8       J18
25      Carlow  Men     Open    4x      Snr
26      DFRA    Men     Open    4x      Snr
27      St Josephs Coll-B       Men     Jnr     8       J18
28      GRC     Men     Jnr     8       J18
29      City Of Derry   Men     Jnr     8       J18
30      DUBC A  Men     Nov     8       Nov
31      DFRA    Men     Nov     8       Nov
32      QUBC A  Men     Nov     8       Nov
33      Neptune Men     Nov     8       Nov
34      UCD-C   Men     Nov     8       Nov
35      Shannon Men     Nov     8       Nov
36      Skibbereen      Men     Nov     8       Nov
37      UCG     Men     Nov     8       Nov
38      UCD-D   Men     Nov     8       Nov
39      QUBC B  Men     Nov     8       Nov
40      DUBC B  Men     Nov     8       Nov
41      St Michaels     Men     Jnr     8       J16
42      UCD LBC Women   Open    8       Snr
43      Neptune Women   Open    8       Snr
44      GRC-UCG Women   Open    8       Snr
45      Portora Men     Jnr     8       J16
46      St Josephs Coll Men     Jnr     8       J15
47      Athlone Men     Jnr     8       J16
48      Castleconnell B Men     Jnr     8       J16
49      Col Iognaid     Men     Jnr     8       J16
50      Muckross        Men     Jnr     8       J16
51      Commercial Dubl Women   Interm  8       Inter
52      DULBC   Women   Interm  8       Inter
53      Shannon Women   Open    4x      Snr
54      Methodist Coll  Women   Jnr     8       J18
55      Col Iognaid     Women   Jnr     8       J18
56      Kings Hospital  Women   Jnr     8       J18
57      Limerick        Women   Jnr     8       J18
58      Portadown       Women   Jnr     8       J18
59      Clonmel Men     Jnr     4x      J18
60      Commercial Dubl Men     Jnr     4x      J18
61      Fermoy  Men     Jnr     4x      J18
62      Neptune Men     Jnr     4x      J18
63      St Michaels     Men     Jnr     4x      J18
64      St Michaels     Men     Jnr     4x      J18
65      Commercial Dubl Men     Vet     8       Vet
66      OCBC    Men     Vet     8       Vet
67      Col Iognaid     Women   Nov     8       Nov
68      DULBC A Women   Nov     8       Nov
69      QUB LBC E       Women   Nov     8       Nov
70      Muckross        Women   Nov     8       Nov
71      DULBC B Women   Nov     8       Nov
72      QUB LBC F       Women   Nov     8       Nov
73      UCC     Women   Nov     8       Nov
74      UCD LBC A       Women   Nov     8       Nov
75      UCD LBC B       Women   Nov     8       Nov
76      UCD LBC C       Women   Nov     8       Nov
77      UCG     Women   Nov     8       Nov
78      Univ of Ulster  Women   Nov     8       Nov
79      UCC     Men     Interm  4x      Inter
80      Offaly  Men     Jnr     4x      J16
81      Col Iognaid     Men     Jnr     4x      J15
82      Cork BC Men     Jnr     4x      J15
83      Cork BC Men     Jnr     4x      J16
84      Commercial Dubl Women   Jnr     4x      J18
85      Fermoy  Women   Jnr     4x      J18
86      OCBC-Offaly     Men     Vet     4x      Vet
87      GRC     Men     Jnr     4x      J16