Trailer to Trials (Aiken / Augusta)

Trailer to Trials (Aiken / Augusta)

Post by AlexFilR » Thu, 10 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment...

Trailer bound for Trials from Boston, will be stopping in Phila., maybe
Wash. (if enough interest), on the way.

I need to know when people want me to be in Aiken to decide on a departure
date (?).

Fares will be as follow: 1X  $ 100, 2s  $120, 4s  $ 150, Round trip.
For your own safety, please have your boats insured, as we will not have
coverage for them.

Please email or call (617)783-8442 to confirm (FINAL) reservations.
Please, no last minute cancellations (I got burned on this trip last

Thanks, Alex.
Alex Selvig

                                        "In Filippi veritas"