emergency diet for lightweights

emergency diet for lightweights

Post by VP24N.. » Thu, 04 May 1995 04:00:00

Well, I see that its quickly approaching that time again.  Yes, the
Vails/Sprints are here again and I know damn well that there are plenty of
lightweights that have to suck weight.  I, myself, have to loose 3 lbs.  For
this reason, I spent part of my weekend going through my storehouse of Journal
articles, papers, theories, and other physiological shit and I came across an
insane diet that was disigned by cardiologist (I think) for heart patients.  It
was designed so that the patient would loose about 15 lbs in a week.  The theorywas simple, you just eat things that your body can't effectively digest and
must burn extra calories in order to digest it.  In other words, your caloric
diet is very close to zero if not negative.  Since your still eating, your body
doesn't kick in to its starvation mode (the metabolism drop the accompanies a
crash diet) and your electrolyte balance stays normal.  Here it is:

        Eat only fruits (except bananas).  If you eat only catalope, honeydue
mellon, and watermellon (the mellon family), expect to loose 3 lbs. on the
first day.  

        Eat only vegies (except corn, rice, ect).  Green vegies are the best.
You are allowed one potatoe during the day.  Big point, no butter, salad
dressing, ect.  Eat them plain.

        Eat both fruits and vegies.
*****My mistake, no potatoes on Tuesday but one is allowed on Wednesday******

        You are allowed six ounces of beef and six tomatoes.  I believe a
potatoe is allowed as well.  Personally, I like to substitute egg whites for
the beef.  Its contains less fat and the protein is over 90% transferable to
humans, compared to only 50% from beef.

        You are allowed six bananas and three cups of skim milk.  By this time
your craving for sugars and sweet things will have you waking up in cold sweats
so this day is probably my favorite.

There are two more days left in this week long diet but I'm not posting them
for two reasons.  First, I presume that most lightweights are about 12% body
fat and in most cases under while this diet is made for those who are quite
overweight (30% BF compared to 10% BF is one hell of a difference).  Any
longer that about 5 days will be dangerous to you health.  Secondly, I
just forgot what the last two days were anyhow.  There is also a diet for a
really *** cabbage soup to eat as a filler all week.  It is so bad that I
just ignored it and didn't memorize it.  Remember to keep your water levels up.
2 - 3 quarts a day should do (since we are athletes, 4 - 5 would be better).

If anyone is skeptical, try this.  I refused to do any diet that I wasn't sure
of.  To rule out any drastic loss of power I did a very small study here.
I gave the diet to 12 people and saw what happened.  10 out of 12 showed an 8
lb. drop over the week (the weight was kept off as well) with no noticed loss
of power.  

Just remember, this diet is hell, so don't do it unless you are in dire need of
weight loss and about to resort to crash dieting.  It bes
It beats the hell out of not eating at all or running it off at the race
course.  It might just be me, but I don't find it intimidating if the stroke manof a rival boat must be carried to the scale for weigh-ins after he sucked
10lbs to make weight.

Good luck to all those sucking weight and I should add that I made weight
so tough shit, it works.  

*If "anyone" (that means you, Mr. Moorefield)
 whats to *** out my point, at least do it
 over the e-mail.  I just finished my last exam
 and will not read the rec.sport.rowing for some
 time (try next fall).  I will check my e-mail once
 more so if there are complaints, do it that way and
 I will defend.


emergency diet for lightweights

Post by Norman K. Y » Thu, 04 May 1995 04:00:00

[super weight loss thingy]


I'd be interested in reading the article/articles that you extracted this
weight loss program from. References?

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