strokecoach installation

strokecoach installation

Post by asherm » Wed, 06 Mar 1996 04:00:00

   I am purchasing a strokecoach for a Huson 1X.  I was wondering what
other people have done with the monitor when dealing with a wing
rigger.  My rigger is attached to the foot stretcher, therefore it all
comes out as one piece. So, if I needed to derig my boat I would need
to attach the monitor in a place where I would not need to take off the
bracket everytime.
   Has anyone out there run into a similar problem, and how did you
deal with it.  Thanks for any info...

Alex Sherman
Skidmore College


strokecoach installation

Post by JDwyer98 » Wed, 06 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I am on my fifth Hudson boat. ( I upgrade every two years or so)  You made
an excellent choice! They are fast, great quality and inexpensive boats.
I mount the strokecoach on the footstop plate between my feet and I can
get the footstops out of the boat by taking off the three wingnuts and
lifting them out through the wing rigger.  I tape the sensor next to the
slide and place the magnet on the clip on the seat that holds the seat to
the slide.  (So the magnet and sensor are next to each other sideways -
not above one another)  This works great because you can get the sensor
very close to the magnet without building a spacer box in the boat.  I can
also rip off the tape and derig the boat very quickly and set it up again
quickly as well.  I hope this helps

Jim Dwyer LRC