Repost:Scullers' Head

Repost:Scullers' Head

Post by Patricia Wilkinso » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

The 16th Charlie ***Scullers' Head of the Potomac Regatta,
sponsored by the Potomac Boat Club, will be held September 28,
1996 in Washington, D.C. Each event will be raced over a 2.8 mile
course (same course as in previous years).

The scheduled events are as follows:

1.   Youth Quad-with (M&W)                  8:30 am
2.   Intermediate Single (M&W)              8:50
3.   Men's Club/Master/Youth Eight          9:10
4.   Open Double (M&W)                      9:30
5.   Lightweight Single (M&W)               9:40
6.   Masters Single (M&W)                   9:50
7.   Senior Masters Single (M&W)           10:00
8.   Veterans Single (M&W)                 10:10
9.   Youth/Novice Single (M&W)             10:30
10.  Intermediate Double (M&W)             10:50
11.  Masters Four-with (M&W)               11:05
12.  Open Eight (M&W)                      11:25
13.  Quad (M&W)                            11:55
14.  Masters Double (M&W)                  12:10 pm
15.  Women's Four-with                     12:30
16.  Open Single (M&W)                      1:15
17.  Masters Mixed Double                   1:35
18.  Mens Four-with                         1:55
19.  Women's Club/Master/Youth Eight        2:25
20.  Open Mixed Double                      2:50
21.  Youth Four-with (M&W)                  3:10
22.  Open/Master Mixed Eight                3:30
23.  Grand Challenge Octuple                3:45

In Masters' events 3, 11, 14, 17, 19 and 22 the average age of
crews must be at least 35, as of September 28, with no rowers
under the age of 30 (excluding coxswains). A 5 second per year
handicap given for each year over 35 will be used to determine
the final order of finish.

In event 8, scullers must be at least 50 years of age, as of
September 28. A 6 second per year handicap given for each year
over 50 will be used to determine the final order of finish.

For an event to be a medal event, a minimum of three entries from
at least two organizations must start the race. The Regatta
Committee will consider running non-medal events with fewer than
three entries and/or two organizations. Separate medals for men
and women will be given only in events marked M&W.

Event 9, Youth/Novice Singles is actually two events--Youth
Singles and Novice Singles. Events 3 and 19, Club/Master/Youth
Eights are actually three events--Club Eights, Masters Eights and
Youth Eights.  Event 22, Open/Master Mixed Eight is two events--
Open Mixed Eight and Master Mixed Eight.

Competitors may race in more than one event.

To guarantee a place in the Regatta, and to avoid a late entry
charge, entries with full payment on Scullers' Head or standard
USRA forms must reach Potomac Boat Club no later than September
17, 1996 at 5:00 pm. Please, do not send registered mail. There
usually is no one at PBC to sign for these when the mail is
delivered. Entry fees (US) are as follows:

     Singles             $20
     Doubles              30
     Fours/Quads          40
     Octuples/Eights      50

Entries received after the September 17 deadline will be assessed
an additional $10 per entry.

Because we have found that it is difficult for many entrants to
submit completed and signed waivers by the entry deadline, we are
not requiring the submission of waivers until registration.  By
no later than registration, a completed waiver form signed by
each competitor in the boat must be submitted for each entry.
That means that if an oarman/woman is in more than one boat, they
must sign a waiver form for each of the boats that they are in.
It is necessary to impose this requirement due to the large
number of entries received.

If you wish to receive a registration packet, you can send email

instead, I can be reached at:

     Scullers' Head of the Potomac
     Potomac Boat Club
     3530 Water Street, NW
     Washington, D.C. 20007
     Attention:  Patricia Wilkinson

If you would prefer to talk instead, my evening phone number is


Patricia Wilkinson
Potomac Boat Club