New Midseason Baseball Guide for your PC (Press Release)

New Midseason Baseball Guide for your PC (Press Release)

Post by Mike Silverm » Tue, 05 Jul 1994 09:02:27

"Apres Microsoft, Le deluge?"

Boy, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon! I'm glad there are
so many baseball CDs out there, but it would be nice if they all
didn't try to be clones of about something
different. Right now, I know of only one CD that isn't a "baseball
encyclopedia" duplicate...that is Voyager's "Baseball's Greatest
Hits" which is an audio/video collection of baseballs top 100 moments
of all time, with commentary by Mel Allen. I think it would be great
if someone came out with an interactive tour of some of the old (and new)
stadiums...sort of a VR type thing where you can travel all over
the place, and even visit the dugouts and lockerooms...or get the
view from the pitcher's mound or centerfield....or how about a CD-ROM
of the world series, allowing you to view video of all key plays, as
well as having player profiles, intervies, etc?

Anyone else want to see this?


"One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball" - Geddy Lee