You make the call: who would YOU keep?

You make the call: who would YOU keep?

Post by curdling in absent » Wed, 06 Jul 1994 13:42:25

In my league, hitters' stats go like this:

AB +1 H +1 BI +1 R +1 SB +1 2B +2 3B +3 HR +4 SO -1 CS -1

Now, I have a choice of doing any of the following right now: all three
players would cost me about the same amount of funds, and thus my decision
is purely on performance.

Do I...

* keep Rey Sanchez?  He's a solid player and a regular starter, thus going
  to rack up at-bats; however, he IS stuck in the 8-hole a lot, and I have
  a feeling his hitting will tail off somewhat.

* sign Eric Young?  He's hitting leadoff for Colorado and doing it well, and
  I have a soft spot for Rockies hitters anyway; however, HoJo is making too
  much to sit on the bench forever, even if he does suck, and I'm leery of
  getting him if he's going to be platooned.

* sign Darryl Strawberry?  He's a major wild card -- hard to tell when he'll
  be playing regularly, if at all, or what kind of offensive numbers he'll
  be putting out if he does.  However, that kind of potential at his current
  signing price may be too good to let go by.

                 jeff.  owner of THE offense in my league, so I can afford
                          to be patient in getting production from any of
                           these, at least for a little while...