Purdue Recruiting Update 9-22-95

Purdue Recruiting Update 9-22-95

Post by Robert Richar » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

**  As the fall recruiting period picks up, so does the amount of info. **
**  New stuff on Renzi Stone, who announced this morning he is going    **
**  elsewhere.  New stuff also on Voskuhl, Webber (new), and the first  **
**  recruits for the 97-98 season, Jamaal Davis and Cameron Stephens.   **
**  Also, new info on Epps...I think.  Read and you will understand.    **
**                                                                      **
**  I will keep recruits on this list until they have announced going   **
**  elsewhere.  Stone will disappear after this posting.  Epps and Greg **
**  McQuay will remain until I hear a definite decision from them.  I   **
**  will keep all information on file in case anyone wishes to access   **
**  it in the future.  Just email me.  Enjoy!                           **

The following contains a list of most of the known Purdue recruits for the
1996-97 season.  So far, I have information of recruits Michael Robinson,
Jaraan Cornell, Mosi Barnes, Greg and Gary McQuay, Issiah Epps, Lee
Lampley, C.J. Black, Renzi Stone, Jake Voskuhl, and Alex Webber.
Also recruits for the 97-98 season Jamaal Davis and Cameron Stephens.
Any additional related information is appreciated.  Most of the info in
this list has come from one of the following sources...personal observations,
Jeff Washburn of the Journal and Courier, the Purdue SID, the Purdue
Exponent, and the Purdue Sports Mailing list.  Also thanks to everyone else
who has contributed info.

The ratings are printed from the most recent report that I could get my
hands on.  Abbreviations are G-Gibbons, RR-Reidel's Roundball, and VC-Van
Coleman.  Sure there are others, but I have the greatest access to these.
A players status indicates his recruiting status towards Purdue.  The
classifications are: Signed (A signed national letter of intent), Verbal
(A verbal commitment to attend (unofficial usually means that a player has
narrowed his choice to a single school, but the final decision is awaiting
something like an official visit, or meeting with the coaches, etc)),
Active (the recruit and Purdue have been mentioned in the same sentence by
a credible source), and Rumored (just that, a rumor that the recruit is
getting attention from Purdue).

The following players are being recruited for the 1996-97 season...


        School and Year (1995-96)       Indianapolis Ritter, IN - Senior
        Height and Weight               5'10  155lbs
        Position                        Point Guard
        Ratings                         #79 (G)
        Academically Eligible           Yes
        Status                          Verbal (official)

        Mosi Barnes is a quick 5'10", 155 pound senior from Indianapolis
Ritter HS.  He plays at the point guard position and has already signed
a national letter of intent to join the Boilers in August 1996.  Keady
will have 6 scholarships available then, but wants to use 4 and reserve
2 for the future.  With Barnes already promised a scholarship, that
gives Keady 3 more.
        In the 1994-95 season at Indianapolis Ritter, Barnes averaged 21.1
ppg as the starting PG, 3.1 rebounds and 3.5 assists.  Barnes shot 41 percent
from both the field and the three-point line, and shot 72.2 percent from
the charity stripe.
        Bob Gibbons has him rated at #79 among high school seniors to be.

  ** Spiece/AAU Run & Slam All-Star Classic May 5-7   West Lafayette

        This guy is quick, and has a great shot.  The program had him listed
at 6'0, contrary to what I had earlier read, and he looked to me to be
taller than 5'8.  I can see why Keady wants him, and went after him early.
Besides the one Saturday game, he was one of the best players on the floor in
each of the games he played.

        6-17-95...Purdue recruit Mosi Barnes (Indianapolis Ritter) and likely
Boilermaker recruit Jaraan Cornell (South Bend Clay) are among the 120 high
school seniors-to-be who will participate in NIKE's All-American Camp July
7-12 in Indianapolis.  The invitation-only camp is sanctioned by the NCAA.
Athletes will scrimmage twice daily in sessions which are open to the public
at no charge.

        7-12-95...Grasping the opportunity to show his stuff, recruit Mosi
Barnes joined 119 other star high school players from around the country in
Indianapolis this week for the Nike All-American camp.
        Although Barnes is small, nobody can figure out just how small...or
tall he is.  The program at the Spiece/AAU tournament listed him at 6'0".
However, the Nike program has him at 5'10", and some have said he looks to
be about 5'7".  But whatever Barnes lacks in size, he makes up with hustle.
"It's intensity," Barnes said. "I've got to come out and do the same thing
every day. I've got to get used to that. Strength is a big factor, because
a lot of these guys are born strong. I wasn't born as big as some of these
        Barnes admitted that he got off to a slow start in the camp. "I got
into the flow of things Sunday,'' Barnes said. "I haven't been hitting my
shots, but hitting shots isn't everything. I've got some assists and some
things like that. I'm picking it up as we go along."  Barnes is also
learning what it is going to take to play in Big Ten Conference. "I'm
learning that you can never be too good,'' said Barnes. "I think I need to
work on every aspect of my game. I'll take it from there. I'll get better
and better as the years go on. I'm getting a lot of constructive criticism,
and I'm taking that to make me get better. I'll be OK. I'm not worried about
        Neither is veteran Ritter coach Greg Crum, whose starting lineup has
included Barnes for each of the past three seasons. "He sees the floor
really well, and he's a great passer when he has to be," Crum said. "For us,
he's a big scorer. A lot of people think that's all he can do, but he really
runs the floor on the fastbreak and gets it to the open people. He takes
care of the ball very, very well. He's had a little bit of trouble at the
Nike Camp against some of the guys that are bigger than him. But we really
haven't had to worry about a press in the three years that he's been here,
because he can break a press and get it up the floor."
        Crum also is of the opinion that Barnes has the potential to score
well as a college player. "He does a heck of a job of being able to
penetrate and get up in the air and elevate for his jump shot," Crum said.
"At that point, the 'help' defense has to come, and I think he'll be able to
pass to the big guys."
        In the interview, Barnes also expressed why he chose to attend Purdue.
He likes the Boilermakers' Final Four chances during the time he'll be a
Boilermaker. He's also looking forward to playing with Miller, Austin, Clay,
Robinson, Eldridge, Cardinal and possibly Cornell. "Hopefully we can do it,"
Barnes said. "Everybody that's going in there this year has a lot of talent,
and so do the guys that are coming back. I feel that we can go to the Final
Four and make a good statement within the next three years."

  ** Nike All-Star Camp July 7-10  Indianapolis, IN

        Barnes was seen as definitely quick in play during the weekend, but
wasn't impressive (see comments above).  He made good passes, but also some
bad passes and and didn't hit his shot.
        Barnes played well enough however, to make the silver team that
consisted of the players selected as the 20th - 40th best.  He played better
and made better passes. Also, his shot was falling, although it is not
sure how often Keady is going to let him take his fast-break three pointer
with no one under the basket.  Keady watched almost all of this game.
Kendrick watched a little, but watched more of the game with the top juniors
on the other court.

5-05-95           5      6       1               19   Won 96-67
5-06-95           6      6       2               24   Won 87-72
5-06-95           0      2       2                8   Won 91-65
5-06-95           7      0       4               26   Lost 61-64


        School and Year (1995-96)       Peoria Richwoods, IL - Senior
        Height and Weight               6'6  ???lbs
        Position                        Shooting Forward
        Ratings                         #17 (G), #14 (VC), #11 (RR)
        Academically Eligible           Yes
        Status                          Verbal Commitment (official)

        Michael Robinson is a 6'6" senior from Peoria (Illinois)
Richwoods High School.  Robinson (forward) averaged 30.2 points and
10.6 rebounds this season, shooting 55 percent from the field and
68 percent from the line for an 18-10 team that lost three times to
Illinois Class AA state champion Peoria Manual. He also averaged 3
assists per game.  Robinson is Richwoods' carrer scoring leader (2115 points)
through his junior year.
        Robinson was named first-team All-State last year and has
played varsity since his freshman year.  He continues to improve his
point totals every year.  As a freshman he averaged 18.1 points and 10.6
rebounds, and as a sophmore improved to 27.8 points and 14 rebounds per
        According to Richwoods coach Wayne Hamerton, Robinson will take
a hard look at Purdue, Illinois, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky,
and hometown school Bradley.  Hamerton said that almost every high-profile
Division 1 school has corresponded with Robinson, who will probably
play at the small forward position in college.
        "He is very versatile," Hamerton said.  "He handles the ball against
the press, and obviously, his scoring and rebounding are outstanding.  He
does so many things.  He's a complete player."
        "He's very positive about Purdue," Hamerton said.  "He's been there
twice on unofficial visits and was very impressed both times.  I think
they're definitely in the picture."
        Purdue recruit Brian Cardinal played on the same summer league
team with Robinson last year and has nothing but praise ...

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Purdue Recruiting Update 9-22-95

Post by MDchica » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Bob Gibbons downgraded Michael Robinson from the #9 to the #20 player
nationally and to the #2 small forward in Illinois.  In rating Leonard
Myles of Chicago #17 (who recently transferred from perennial powerhouse
King H.S. to Lincoln Park H.S.), Gibbons was quoted in the Chicago
Sun-Times as saying "some people might be shocked to see Myles rated ahead
of Mike Robinson.  But he demonstrated that he has a total game, while
Robinson is more one-dimensional."  Robinson is, nonetheless, a great
catch for Purdue.  


Purdue Recruiting Update 9-22-95

Post by Brian Saunde » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00


>Bob Gibbons downgraded Michael Robinson from the #9 to the #20 player
>nationally and to the #2 small forward in Illinois.  In rating Leonard
>Myles of Chicago #17 (who recently transferred from perennial powerhouse
>King H.S. to Lincoln Park H.S.), Gibbons was quoted in the Chicago
>Sun-Times as saying "some people might be shocked to see Myles rated ahead
>of Mike Robinson.  But he demonstrated that he has a total game, while
>Robinson is more one-dimensional."  Robinson is, nonetheless, a great
>catch for Purdue.  

No, what happened was that in usual fashion, a Purdue recruit was
downgraded simply for choosing Purdue (in any sport).  It happens all the
time - ask Luther Clay, Mike Alstott, etc.

Brian Saunders                  "Asking only workman's wages I come looking


Purdue Recruiting Update 9-22-95

Post by Robert Richar » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00


>Bob Gibbons downgraded Michael Robinson from the #9 to the #20 player
>nationally and to the #2 small forward in Illinois.  In rating Leonard
>Myles of Chicago #17 (who recently transferred from perennial powerhouse
>King H.S. to Lincoln Park H.S.), Gibbons was quoted in the Chicago
>Sun-Times as saying "some people might be shocked to see Myles rated ahead
>of Mike Robinson.  But he demonstrated that he has a total game, while
>Robinson is more one-dimensional."  Robinson is, nonetheless, a great
>catch for Purdue.  

Great catch for any program.  I doubt if Gibbons saw Robinson more than
once over the summer...probably only during the ABCD camp at which Robinson
was playing injured.  To call Robinson one-dimensional is to hang yourself
out in public to be called a moron.  First of all, if Robinson is truely
one-dimensional, then why is he ranked #20, and what does that have to say
about the other players in the top 30.  Maybe more one-dimensional than
this other guy from Illinois, but far from being a one-dimensional
player.  Second, my observations this summer (I was fortunate enough to
see him twice) were that he is far from one-dimensional and an overall
complete player.  Maybe undisciplined, but he does much more than just....
say, score points.  I am not shocked by there possibly being another
better player from Illinois, but rather by the comment from an otherwise
respected recruiter.  Seems Gibbons powers of judgement have fallen on
my list from #9 to #20.  This is all assuming the quote by the Sun-Times
was correct.
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Purdue Recruiting Update 9-22-95

Post by MDchica » Sun, 01 Oct 1995 04:00:00

The Gibbons quote appeared in an article by Taylor Bell, a well-regarded
writer and a long-time follower of H.S. sports in Chicago, which
accompanied Gibbons Top 100 list in the August 27 Sun-Times.  Bell
frequently quotes Gibbons on recruiting matters, so I assume they have a
working relationship.

Coming from a frustrated Illinois fan, I was just trying to provoke some
conversation.  Within broad categories (e.g., 1-10, 11-25, 26-50), rating
players is obviously imprecise, highly subjective and largely for the
benefit of recruiting junkies (like me).  A top 20 (indeed a top 50)
player is a great catch for any program.  I'm sure that Robinson will be a
top Big 10 player, and should fit in nicely with other recent recruits
(Clay, et al).  In Gibbons defense, he said that Robinson was "more"
one-dimensional than Myles (a likely non-qualifier), not that Robinson was
a one-dimensional player.  

Does anybody have any info on players (hopefully big men) named Walton,
Wood and Hawkins which (according to other Internet postings) Illinois
(and presumably other Big 10 teams) is recruiting??