Owners' definition of losing money

Owners' definition of losing money

Post by jpopov.. » Wed, 24 Aug 1994 00:20:34

Here is a quote from *Lords of the Realm*. It illustrates what the
owners mean when they say they are losing money:

"The Dodgers of the 1960s cleared annual profits of about $4 million.
It was a huge sum for the time, although O'Malley (Walter, owner of
the Dodgers), in the best poormouthing tradition of baseball, would
never admit to it. Buzzie Bavasi and Walter Alston were in his office
one day when the owner moaned about having lost $2 million.

Bavasi just smiled. After they left, Alston turned to him and said,
'He says he lost $2 million and you practically laugh. How can you do

'Walt, what he meant was, he only made $4 million, not $6 million,'"